Issue #38: Waiting for a Friend

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"What the fuck do you mean he's in back in the hospital!?" Komi shouted.

"I mean I watched some guards drag him there with half his face covered in blood and a napkin up his nose." Caitlin clarified. Blackfire, Terra, Boomerang, Polka Dot Man, and Sebastian (filling in for a sleeping Cleo) were awaiting his return to the main prison, although Terra wasn't as enthusiastic as the others due to not only seeing him already but having a negative experience with him. Killer Frost overheard them talking about it on her way to her table. "Look, honestly I think it's best if you guys left him alone for a little bit."

"Oh, really!? Thanks for the opinion, person I didn't ask for it from! You can leave now and go sulk in the corner like usual!" Komi said with an obviously sarcastic and angry tone.

"I'm not saying this for your safety, I'm saying it for his."

"Well here's something for your safety, get out of my face before I punch you through your heart because I just found out where they are on humans you-"

"Komi, let it go. It's not worth it." Tara chimed in. She was absent mindedly playing with her food.

"Fine, I'll cool it. You're safe for now, Frost."

"Oh no, I was so scared." Caitlin said as she began walking away.

"Was that sarcasm!? I'm a-"

"Tasmanian War Princess, we know! Ya never bloody shut up about it!" Boomerang said while giving a spoonful of mush to Sebastian.

"Why are you even here? We don't like you." Komi told him.

"Simple really. (Y,N) is my mate and I wanted ta be the first bloke to welcome him back from hell. But I guess the guards beat me to it."

"It wasn't the guards. They got him working as a therapist for the fucking nutcases in here now. I knew this was a bad idea when he told me about it! These mental patients are animals! They'd be better off if they had (Y,N) cure them through execution."

"I don't think that's necessarily true." Tara said giving Komi a glare that went unnoticed.

"The only person in this cesspool I think it's slightly curable through this therapy concept is the Polka Dot guy. It's a pointless idea. And if it wasn't for the absolute loser lunatics he was talking to, he'd be here and not in a FUCKING HOSPITAL BED!"

"Woah, speakin' of mental patients." Boomerang said pointing his spoon at Duela being pushed into the room. Although she was now missing the straight jacket, she had dry blood from a cut on her own face on her hands and as a smile across her lips and scars. She wore her Belle Reeve shirt as a makeshift sweater-skirt, with a black tank top on instead of the usual white. This exposed her "Don't F̶o̶r̶g̶e̶t̶To̶ Smile" tattoo on her shoulder. She had guards surrounding her, instructing her where to walk and what not. "This Sheila is hardcore. Fed a guard to Ole Waylon. Got in that fight with Harls our first day back too. Speakin' of, where is Harls?"

"In Belle Reeve." Abner said.

"I'm gonna fokin— why is this one here!?"

"Because I actually believe him when he says he's (Y,N)'s friend. He would always hang around him and Cleo before the mission." Terra said.

"Here. You'll sit here." The group looked over and saw a guard place down Duela's food as another one pushed her with the barrel of his gun to sit down.

"Assigned seats? What are we, in kindergarten?" Duela asked.

"Woahwoahwoah why do we get crazy girl!?" Komi asked.

"Walker's direct orders."

"She ordered diet Quinn to sit with us?" Terra asked.

"Diet Quinn? I'm not a colossal bitch baby that'll start crying over dead kids." Duela said. "Besides, I'd rather be back in the padded room with Multiple Personality Anne and Bootleg Joker anyways."

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