Issue #32: E.T.

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"So now you want to talk." I asked The Crimson Ghost as I looked out the room's window and into the muddy swamp surrounding the prison.

I want to be let back o-

"No. Not after that stunt you pulled."

I pulled no simple stunt, you know what I had planned but you let me out anyways.

"You threatened my life-"

To a suicidal man that's the equivalent of threatening to give water to a thirsty man. You knew your demise was imminent when you gave Ms. Markov her teary goodbye. You're pathetic.

"In what regard?"

Do you think I don't know why you gave in so easily once that bitch Cazo made herself known to be in Russia? You were willing to let millions die because you realized that in those millions, five casualties were potential. And in those millions wouldn't be your precious sewer skank, which is why you fought back for control once I made it very clear that I have my own list and that filthy rat is number one on it... and her little Sebastian is number two. Hehehehehehehe.

"Didn't take you for a joking type. What I don't understand is why you're trying to scare me still. I know your weakness now."

I have no weakness. I have nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

"What about it's opposite?"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can't possibly believe any of those girls actually love you? You've said it yourself, Komand'r only feels this way towards you because you're the first person not to immediately turn her away that wasn't some easily manipulated incel given attention for the first time in his life by the opposite sex in a play for manipulation and control.

"I didn't know incel was in your vocabulary."

Silence worm, I'm not done. Markov is a pathological liar who either doesn't even know what love is or despises it since she's only ever received it from a putrid green shapeshifting elf. Besides, I believe you're far too young for her anyways, hehehehehe-

"Your jokes are in bad taste stick to death threats-"

LISTEN TO ME! And finally Cazo. You can't possibly believe after almost murdering her she'll trust you or feel safe around you or I again.

"Quite frankly, it doesn't matter what I believe. It's about what you believe. I heard your panic when Cleo and I embraced. You're afraid. Or maybe you're afraid not of love but of losing me. You've said it yourself, you've grown fond of me. I think you really don't want me to have friends because you're afraid that you'll no longer be my best friend. It'd be touching if you weren't a fucking voice in my head created by a poison injection by a mad scientist I went on to murder in cold blood."

... I will admit I grow tiresome of scaring you. I yearn for the days of our cooperative planning of the deaths of your putrid former friends. The temporary period where we were of one mind just a few weeks ago. But you must heed my words, Good Doctor, I am of your mind, correct?


I am your fears come to life, yes?


Then you must admit that you realize deep down Cleo Cazo will never love you and could never love a monster like you. Potentially she could have but now that she's seen the real you. The real us. That is all but a memory.


You realize Tara Markov is a natural born liar, manipulator, and killer. There is a great possibility this is all a long con to ensure she leaves Belle Reeve in quick fashion.

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