Issue #19: I Fell in Love with the Devil

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"On second thought, I'll stay here with Blackfire. Rick you should go with Tara instead. Besides, she'll need a translator. I'm sure you can ask around about any info on our special friend upstairs without alerting the public." I said. Komi had an almost devilish smirk after I agreed to stay with her.

"Not a shitty idea, actually." Tara said.

"Alright, we need to move it. Only a matter of time before they open that bag and find the American Flag on my uniform. We'll get our throats slit in our sleep." Rick said.

"Speak for yourself. I can take 'em with my eyes closed." Tara, Komi, and I all said at the same time. Tara walked past me to get to the doorway.

"Try not to stain the couch. I don't want to have to watch tv next to a giant cum stain." She told me. Rick and Tara walked out of the room and I turned back to Komi, who had already flown away into another room. I had remembered one of my previous designs I had sketched out for a weapon and decided now would be as good of a time as any to start working on it. I went over to the kitchen area and picked up a kitchen knife and felt it in my hands for a couple seconds. It felt natural as I made some slashing motions in the air. Then I heard Komi scream from another room.

"Don't tell me this was a fucking trap!" I said to myself before running into the hall. Seriously this place is like Michael Jackson's house with how big this one "hotel room" is. I quickly ran into the room which I thought I heard the scream come from ready to fling my knife at anyone present, only to see Komi in the bathroom, looking at the various complementary makeup products on the sink. There was also another flat screen tv in this room, plus a shower, a bathtub, and a hot tub. A pick your poison of bathing.

"This is paradise!" Komi said before looking over at me. "Oh faithful servant, draw me a bubble bath, would you?"

"I'd need a pen and a piece of paper to do that." I said stone faced, causing Komi to stare back with an unamused face.

"You know it's really hard to remember you're cute when you're this much of an asshole."

"Funny, I think the same about you when you repeatedly call me slave."

"Oh, lighten up. If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here enjoying this lovely hotel right now."

"I'm not enjoying it, I'm struggling to keep my sanity in a foreign country with the chance a couple of idiots dumb enough to consider me a friend are sitting in a prison cell back in America about to get offed by Oppenheimer's pride and joy."

"Really? I'm standing right in front of you and you're still worried about the rat girl?"

"My relationship with Cleo goes beyond mere sexual attraction."

"And ours doesn't?" Komi's voice became more and more serious as this conversation went on.

"I don't know, does it? You either spend all your energy trying to have sex with me or flirting with some Russian scumbags."

"You're an unbelievable douche bag. 'I don't know, does it' it's not like I told you about my fucking life story and poured my heart out to you last night! We're in different cell blocks in Belle Reeve and we barely get the time to interact like if we were in the same block, so even if we get out of this alive it's not like I even know if I'll see you again before you go off on another mission and die. At least Tara has a chance to still talk to you after this whole thing blows over! I've got two people I've tolerated being around since I've been alive and I don't even know if I'll see either of them again while I have to listen to that moron Peacekeeper ramble on about justice or talk with those weird sibling dorks! I'm trying to make the best of this time while I can you fucking dick!" Komi ranted. "Whatever, I'll run the water myself, I need to fucking relax between you and G.I. Joke constantly reminding me how everyone in my life has fucked me over." She said turning away. I have this bad mental problem that stops me from seeing most people's actual cries for help as that and more of them playing the sympathy card. That being said I did feel genuinely bad about how she felt. Annoyed she still insists on seeing me as a friend, but I still feel bad nonetheless. Giving in isn't really in my nature anymore but it's just one bath.

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