Issue #51: If You Don't Laugh At My Jokes I Will Literally Kill You

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"Is everyone in position?"

"Van cam is locked and loaded, baby." Livewire said with her feet on the dashboard of the bus. She looked out her window with binoculars (stolen) and took a sip out of her large soda from Burger King (bought).

"We have sights on the south end, Firefly." Cleo said as Duela stared off in the direction of the bus over by the west wing hidden amongst trees. She scratched at her neck like an addict awaiting for her next fix.

"I can't believe you're making me go through the sewer!" Copperhead complained on his end. "Why not send the rat girl!?"

"We went over this, The Clown needs someone to bitch slap her if she goes insane and to stop her from killing anyone at the party herself." Firefly said.

"So send the clown with her!" Copperhead responded.

"Oh, that could've actually worked... too bad you didn't speak up until now." Firefly stated as he watched the East wing from high up on a hill. He paced back and forth flicking a lighter to stop himself from going down and seeing how the 200 year old wood of Wayne Manor would fair in a fight against his state of the arc flamethrower. "Vertigo, what's your location?"

"I'm still yet to acquire a cruiser, but I've found my targets." He stated watching a cop car pull up to a Dunkin' Donuts.

"Oh my god you still don't have the fucking car!? It's been like 2 hours! You suck!" Livewire said.

"It'll be in my grasp in just a moment,
Fräulein." Vertigo whispered.

"What the fuck did you just call me, one eye!?" Livewire sat up straight and slammed her fist on the dashboard.

"If you teleport over there to beat his ass I will call Waller to have your brains blown out as soon as you're done!" Firefly warned Livewire.

"Why wait until she's done beating him up?" Cleo asked as she looked through the windows of Wayne Manor trying to get a good assessment of the situation.

"Use your brain, woman. We hate Vertigo. It's our sole bonding trait." Copperhead responded as he walked through the sides of the sewer. However he was not looking where he was going and didn't mind the gap as he fell into the sewer water. Cleo thought about it and shrugged to herself. He has a point. She told herself.

Vertigo watched the officers get out of the cruiser. He peaked just far enough out of his hiding spot to effectively use his powers. They immediately began holding their heads, succumbing to the most mind numbing pain. Their legs became week and once one of them threw up, which was usually Vertigo's cue to let go of his vice grip on the human mind, but he wanted to make sure they were out for the count. One's ears started to bleed and it was only then he stopped the onslaught. Now they laid passed out on the pavement and Vertigo acted swiftly, searching the pockets of the driver for the key before opening the trunk and ushering the two bodies inside of it.

"Alright, chucklefucks. We're here to give the word if we see any Joker goons start their plan now. If you think you see anyone even wearing a little too much make up, notify me and we save Batman's life. Which means he owes us once we get out of Belle Reeve." Firefly explained.

"I doubt he'd agree to that." Cleo muttered to herself as she went back on watch. As she did Duela continued to stare at the bus. She then thought back to the night before during her shift to drive the bus. It did not take long for (Y,N) to pass out. Duela and Leslie talked very sparsely as Duela had little interest in 80's hair metal and Livewire had little interest in the movies Duela watched growing up. But the former shock jock noticed something after a little bit.

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