Issue #31: Awake and Alive

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"It's alive! It's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!"

My eyes shot open as I heard the familiar voice and I sat up, like The Undertaker wrestler from a video Elsa showed me once years ago.

"Jesus Christ!" I heard someone say next to me.

"In the name of God!" Victor shouted.

"In the name of God!-"

"Now I know what it's like to be God!"
"Now I know what it's like to be God." I said in unison with Dr. Frankenstein as my eyes locked with the tv. Frankenstein was on it. Wait, where am I that has a tv? And why is it so comfy? I looked down and saw myself covered in tubes without a shirt on in a bed. A hospital bed. I then looked up and saw the huge Belle Reeve logo on the wall.

"Oh great, I'm back here." I muttered. I looked to my left and saw the sister from the sibling team with Mammoth with a cast on her arm looking like she'd seen a ghost. "Oh, hey, Shimmer, right?" She nodded. I started to get up and unplugging myself from all the machines they had on me.

"Woah, I don't think you're supposed to be taking those out." Shimmer told me. "In fact, I think you should lie back down."

"I'm not tired."

"Okay, I'm not a doctor but I think you're not supposed to immediately start moving around like that two seconds after getting up from a week long coma."

"...Well that just means I've slept enough to move around without sleeping for 168 days."

"You what? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Shimmer said. As I was unplugging myself a bunch of sounds started coming out of the machine.

"Holy fuckballs!" I looked out the doorway and saw the fat nerd from The Suicide Squad's computer team standing there with Burger King. He grabbed a walkie-talkie. "Waller, the dead man is walking. I repeat, the dead man is walking." He said before putting it back on his belt. "Thank fuck I lost that bet! Didn't feel like dealing with an earthquake induced riot. Anyways, I need you to get back in that bed. Waller will be here in a second with some new info. She's currently taking care of a new mental patient coming in."

"Done enough sleeping. Gotta do some more killing... wait, did I kill everyone I needed to kill? No I've still got five left I think. I lost track. What are we at?"

"...Who's we?" Shimmer asked.

"Well not you, obviously. I'm talking to The Ghost since he was so talkative yesterday surely he can help me... he... he helped me take out the nukes and then went haywire. I gave up. Wait, I'm supposed to be dead! Hold on, where's Cleo!? What did he do with her!?" I slowly collapsed into bed dreading the worst.

"See that's the crazy talking. Back in bed you go." The guy said as he walked out of the room. I heard him mutter "fucking weirdos, all of them..." under his breath as he left.

"If you're talking about the rat girl you were with before she's fine. She got a real nasty cut on her arm but she's fine." Shimmer told me. "I've been in here since before you got back from the mission. She came in with you, they practically had to rip her off of you so they could properly cover up the cut. Apparently it was a miracle that she didn't die of blood loss on the trip back but I mean that whole group you were with must've been lucky, considering he's still alive." I looked over to where she was pointing with her good arm and there lied Peacemaker unconscious. "Apparently when they found him he was barely holding his guts in."

"Oh... shit."


"Nothing." I lied. I knew it was The Ghost that gutted him, and I have a nervous feeling that I hurt Cleo too. Much of that night is a blur to me after The Crimson Ghost tried to create Cycolotrode XL. "Where's Cleo now?"

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