Issue #42: It Was A Good Day

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"So... is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" I asked. I sat next to Cleo as Tara seemed uncomfortable across from me and Komi seemed a little excited about something. After a quick discussion with Boomerang (which consisted of him asking me how many times Cleo and I had done it for the most part, to which the answer was tragically zero due to the wall between us at most times and the various guards watching.) I had him and Abner sit somewhere else for the time being.

"So yesterday Tara and I were talking." Cleo began.

"Yeah, I was there for that."

"She told me about everything that happened in Russia between the three of you. And how you all got pretty close."

"If close is how you describe I want to take him to my home planet and make him the actual king of my world sure let's go with that." Komi said. "Before I met you I totally forgot what real connection was. Any sense of any form of tolerance or enjoyment of someone else's existence was totally wiped away after my parents tried to replace me with Starfire. But now thanks to you I acknowledge that I can be a..."


"Thank you Tara." Komi said sarcastically through gritted teeth. "And I'm trying to be better. For you. Key word is try. But I wouldn't even try to improve myself if it wasn't for you."

"You already know how I feel. I'm not gonna spill my guts out in front of everyone." Tara simply stated.

"After talking with Tara I realized how much these two really care about you and how much you mean to them. They feel the same way about you as I do and honestly I think you may also feel the same way about them, especially after what you and Tara apparently did the night you went out to drink."

"You told her about that?" I asked Tara kinda embarrassed. Tara nodded meekly. "What happened to it was a one time thing?"

"You kept being the best person I ever met, asshole! That's what happened!" She said with a red face.

"So on the ride back to the US, when Tara and I officially reconciled we came up with an agreement... that was then sidetracked when we realized that you two had a thing going on." Komi pointed at me and Cleo with two fingers.

"How did you figure that out, again?" Cleo asked.

"Well between hearing about saving you nonstop from him, and the fact you're the only one that had the guts to go talk to his Ghost Thing despite being warned about how he would try to cut you in half-"

"And you got him to stop without hitting him or being cut in half." Tara added to Komi's list.

"It was kinda obvious. And if it wasn't then it was obvious the way you kept laying in his bed with him and playing with his hair and talking to him trying to wake him—"

"Okay okay we don't need to go into all those specifics he gets the point!" Cleo blurted out throwing her hands up. "Can you just tell him about the deal?"

"The deal?" I repeated.

"Look, it's obvious that despite all of our own personal issues and tragic backstories and trust problems and bullshit, we all really like you." Tara finally started getting to the point. "And we realize how much over the course of a few days you've completely changed our lives for the better. And I really can't imagine my life without you, and neither can the others, and I know I would be completely shattered if we couldn't be close and I don't want anyone to feel the pain I imagine it would feel like except for you know who."

"And the same goes for me. The fact that Tara and I were almost killing each other and trying to start fights the last day in Russia were because we were admittedly scared of losing you to the other. So while you were unconscious I came up with an idea but it only works if you admit that you feel something for all of us first."

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