Issue #39: Me, Myself, & Hyde

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"SHUT THE FUCK UP GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" I shouted at The Ghost. We stood face to face in complete and utter darkness. There were no walls, ceilings, or floors. It was just black. An empty abyss.

"What type of cruel monster do you take me for to think I would abandon you in your most fragile state?"


"I'm nothing more than a by-product. Honestly, if anything I should be your reminder that you can't be left to your own devices and to make your own decisions. Less you become infatuated with another psychotic bitch that would rather kill you than let you be happy. Oh wait, I recall you almost being gunned down in a ballroom because a bipolar narcissist couldn't stand you speaking to a daddy's girl so deranged she cut out her own eye to gain his approval."

"Are you insane!? That doesn't even make sense for her to cut out her own eye."

"On the contrary. During our initial resting period you became too unstable to resign in. I became weak so I took to other inhabitants of the hospital to refuel myself. Fed off their fears. I know what drives a majority of your distractions to make the poor life decisions they did to end up in a septic tank of putrid filth and vermin. I've seen their very essence. Which is why I must ask, Good Doctor..." The Ghost began to grow in size before he was 50 feet and his voice shook the foundation of the blank space. "WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO FIGHT ME!? WERE WE NOT A GOOD TEAM FOR THE PREVIOUS TWELVE HOURS!? WE WERE ABLE TO DECONSTRUCT DENT AND CHALLIS IN BUT A FEW SENTENCES AND A NICE LITTLE SHOW! WE COULD HAVE THESE BRAIN DEAD PIEONS AS SLAVES TO AIDE US IN MERE WEEKS OF GRADUALLY BREAKING THEM DOWN BUT YOU CHOOSE TO FIGHT ME OVER WHAT!?"



"Or it could lead to me actually making a positive difference in the world!" The Ghost began to shrink down.

Please don't tell me your brain has decayed at such a rate you were manipulated by a clown's mentally deficient groupie."

"You just don't want to admit she had a point. I can't let you and my hate for those fuckers consume me."

"Here we go again. Are you not bored of this conversation? Because I am." He turned his back to me throwing his arms up in exasperation. Honestly he reminded me of Komi or... her.

"You're dodging the reality of the fact that your days are numbered." I told him. He groaned and turned back around.

"I am so unfazed by the truth I will tell you it myself. Although I must say I am disappointed that your cerebellum has deteriorated to the point you need me to explain this to you. Then again, I guess the deeper into psychosis you slip, the more I gain control." He said chuckling before a foggy feminine figure appeared beside us. "You have been groomed and sculpted into quite the important figure by yours truly. I am quite proud of my work, Good Doctor. Although my initial plans to make you immortal have failed, there is still hope for you. But we can't move forward if you become transfixed on aiding those who have been doomed to misery for eternity." The fog morphed into Harley.

"You are determined to do good by this demented clown now. There is a possibility that you are able to rehabilitate Quinzel, but she doesn't really want to be saved. What she really wants is a new master to hold the leash connected to her slave collar." As he said that a leash appeared in his hands and she had a disturbing smile on her face as the leash choked her and she had a cloak similar to my original one wrapped around her. "You got ideas rattling in here after her confession to you moments ago but make no mistake about it, she's not in love with you, she's obsessed with the idea of me and the clown. We are evil incarnate. And like him I have no interest in her. But push me Good Doctor and Mister G will have her groveling at his feet." He snapped his finger and Harley burned away as Jane then appeared.

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