Issue #53: Under My Thumb

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"WHY! WON'T! YOU! DIE!?" Harley shouted at The Joker's Daughter with each swing of her mallet. The Joker's Daughter just laughed.

"DAMMIT QUINN! I MISSED MY SHOT BECAUSE OF YOU!" Harley had a walkie-talkie on her and the voice sounded like Deadshot's. Firefly overpowered who I can only assume was Caitlin before she quickly created an ice slide so she wasn't to take as much damage as one probably could from rolling down a hill such a size. I'd imagine the fall could lead to some serious brain damage.

The doors to the room then swung open with Boomerang fighting off a bunch of rats, covered in dirt and twigs.

Good thing he didn't have a brain to damage.

Deadshot began to reload his sniper so I decided to take matters into my own hands. There was only one viable solution to all this.

I'm telling.

"Waller~, did you send out another team to kill us?" I asked. It was at this point I realized Bruce Wayne was missing and the hidden door to the Batcave closed.

"That's not their mission and-" There was a quick beep. "If they want to keep their heads they'll stop trying to kill you." I looked back up at Deadshot and he lowered his gun.

"For the record, I wasn't aiming for the kid." Deadshot said through his comms.

"So this is a three way call now?"

"More like a fifteen way call. All of you stand down now." Waller said. However, Quinn and The Joker's Daughter didn't listen. That's when I realized that it was Harley and The Joker's Daughter.

"Wait, what the fuck!? How did she get her mask!?" I asked.

"The lord works in mysterious ways! Hahahahahahaha!"

"Duela, stand down!"

"What are you, my mom!?" She asked before grabbing Harley's wrists stopping her from swinging and looking at me and shivering. "Ewwwwww, Now I can't stop thinking about dad shoving it up your poop deck." Harley took the opportunity to kick The Joker's Daughter in the face.

"I agree with clown girl on the whole 'stand down' thing." Firefly said hovering over Caitlin. "I'd much rather stand over her corpse." He said aiming his torch at Caitlin. I could tell she was weak. Before I could do anything a batarang flew over and connected with Firefly's chest. It stuck on it before it started to beep. "Oh mother fu-" He said before it blew up. He spiraled down to the ground as Batman turned his sights to Harley and The Joker's Daughter. He threw a bola that wrapped around Harley's wrists and brought her down to the ground before turning his attention to The Joker's Daughter, throwing a batarang to knock the crowbar out of her hands. He then pulled out some sort of Batclaw which clung onto her shirt and pulled her towards him. He then grabbed her by the shirt.

"Uncle Batsy! I know your secret, I know your secret!" She sang before Batman ripped her mask off. She then held her head in pain before seemingly fainting. He took the ear piece out of Duela's ear and dropped her down to the ground. As he did, Cleo made her own appearance helping Firefly up. He was coughing again, with his oxygen tank cut from his broken mask. I could now see one of his eyes and part of his burnt face.

"Waller." Batman said on the comms. There was a pause before Waller responded, presumably long enough for her to shout "GOD DAMMIT!"

"I'm not in the mood for interrogations, Batman."

"Rachel Dawes has told me about your little group. Attacking Wayne Manor wasn't the smartest idea."

"Believe me this is quite possibly the last thing I'd want either group to do." Waller said through gritted teeth. "And what the hell are you both doing there anyways!?"

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