Issue #18: This Place Hotel

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"How much longer do you think you have?" Tara asked me as we sat in a limousine being taken to this fabulous hotel.

"At this rate, we should've let the ball happen tonight and let me blaze through the reds. I don't know if I can make it another night before he comes out."

"How the hell did you last so long without it in Arkham Asylum?" Rick asked me.

"Easily. I wasn't allowed much free roaming time in Arkham, at first to keep me safe from the more dangerous serial killers like Victor Zsasz, but after my first two therapists resigned I was isolated to keep them safe from me. No one ever angered me and I think the power dampener may have kept The Ghost at bay a lot longer as well, considering they've been getting progressively worse since I've been on the mission." I explained. Meanwhile Komi was giving me this anger fueled glare the whole time.

"Well regardless, we've gotta keep focus on the mission. Good move getting Dmitriev to move the ball to tomorrow, Blackfire. We now got a little over 24 hours to figure out our new game plan before they fire the nukes." Rick said.

"What?" Komi stated obliviously.

"The ball, Dmitriev was going to launch the nukes during the ball."

"Oh. I didn't even know that."

"What? Then why did you-"

"You think I trust these peasants to make me anything fashionable in such a short period of time? I am a princess after all. I deserve respect."

"You can quit the act when we're alone. You're about as much of a princess as Casper here is sane." Rick said.

"How dare you! I am the rightful ruler of Tamaran!"

"Killing your parents and your brother and selling your sister off as a peace offering for your planet doesn't make you the rightful ruler of shit."

"You got to kill your parents? Lucky." Tara said.

"It especially doesn't make you anything when you don't even successfully kill your brother who takes the throne instead of you and your sister breaks free and becomes one of the most well known heroes on the planet you're held prisoner on." Rick said before Komi raised an arm now glowing purple and Rick pulled a pistol out.

"Hey! No! Stop that! I'm already babysitting a homicidal maniac I'm not dealing with you two right now!" I shouted. "Blackfire, put it down!" I commanded her and she lowered her arm obviously upset I didn't let her blow Flag's head off. Rick then lowered his weapon.

"I'll get you back for this, you miserable insect!" Komi threatened Rick. Soon after the car stopped and we were let out once more.

"Please no more car rides. I'm getting car sick." Tara said.

"Welcome, Princess Commandar!" A girl in a suit said. All she was really missing was the jacket and instead had a button up vest. She had short blonde hair like Harcourt's. Honestly, she was just a shorter, prettier Harcourt. Starting to think all Russian women look like this.

"It's Komand'r." Komi corrected her while giving her a death stare.

"Y-yes! My apologies! P-princess Komand'r!" The girl quickly said.

"That's better." Komi said with a smile now.

"I've been instructed to show you around the hotel and to make sure everything is to your liking."

"How fast does news go around this country? That was a fifteen minute car ride." I said.

"Please, come." The girl said.

"Depends on how many Russian studs stay at this hotel." Tara whispered before we both tried stifling our laughter. Komi glared at us.

"Can you two at least pretend to have some class?"

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