Issue #5: Psycho Therapy

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"Well this was certainly one way to fix the boredom problem I was having." I said sitting across from the blonde girl from Waller's staff in a sort of conference room. They had me tied up in a straight jacket and had two guards pointing guns at me at all times, which I mean, fair.

"Lets get this over with. My name is Emilia Harcourt and you're (Y,N) (L,N), The Crimson Ghost the first person to actually kill someone at Belle Reeve within five days of getting here."

"Really? The first? No other psychopath has done that before?"

"Now, (Y,N), what would drive you to kill someone like that?"

"...Is this a prank? Am I being pranked right now?"

"Excuse me?"

"That's the first question you ask? And so bluntly? No build up? Where did you get your degree, because as an expelled sophomore I can tell you that you would've flunked out first semester."

"Well, (L,N), That's because I'm not a psychiatrist. I don't have a degree."

"You're shitting me. Do you know how long I've waited to make another psychiatrist go insane only to find out that they gave me a hot blonde cosplaying as one? This won't nearly be as fun."

"You went in here today, planning on making me go insane?"

"Well, Yeah. It's kinda my thing. Let me guess, you haven't read my file either?"

"Well no, I did that when I was under the impression I would be overseeing your missions when you eventually join Task Force X. Five psychiatrists in four months at Arkham Asylum. Four resigned, one dead. One even burned all of their notes about your sessions. Why do you do this to every one of your therapists? Do you enjoy torturing innocent people?"

"No. I enjoy torturing horrible people. And speaking as one myself, there aren't many more horrible people than psychiatrists. Narcissistic, self absorbed, glory hounds, especially in Arkham. Why do you think people still try to 'cure' The Joker? Because if they do they become the world's greatest at their craft, tv show appearances, movie cameos, book signings, the works."

"Were you friends from Halloween also psychiatrists?"

"No. Some of them wanted to be before the incident but believe me, they were all horrible people. We're all surrounded by horrible people. Everyone here is horrible, aren't they?"

"Even Cleo Cazo?" Harcourt asked looking down at her paper. She had a good poker face but I could still feel the eternal smirk she had on her face underneath.

"...I mean I-"

"Real tragic story she has. The original Ratcatcher was a heroine addict from Portugal where he had her. They got by by getting rats to steal jewelry for them to pawn off for money and drugs. Cleo didn't use, though. Saw what that stuff did to her father. Eventually they made their way to Gotham City but her father quickly died of an overdose after a run in with The Batman. She then went out of Gotham and into Louisiana, not many superheroes there. But there was Amanda Waller. One thing led to another, rats were seen as a deadly weapon, and now she's here. Does that sound like a horrible person?"

"...Why would you tell me all of that?"

"To prove you cant make sweeping analogies like you just did with the 'everyone here is horrible' shit. Just because you're fucked doesn't mean everyone is. Not everyone who goes to hell is a rapist or a murderer. Some of them had sex before they got married and God and the Devil didn't like that. Some of these people stole to save themselves and killed pedophiles and Your American President and Amanda Waller didn't like that. So when you think melting the brains of people who just wanna play the game set up by this government makes you somehow better than them, you're sorely mistaken."

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