Issue #10: Everybody Dies

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The first part of the trip down to Russia was silent for the most part. I was silently making bets on how each member of the team was going to die. Then Ten Eyed Man spoke up.

"Your name is just your name?" He asked with his hands pointing at Terra.

"What? Yeah my name is a name, like everyone else's?" She responded.

"No I mean it's just your first name? That's dumb."

"This is coming from 'The Ten Eyed Man'?" I chimed in.

"Yeah, did you want me to call myself 'Earth Controlling Girl'? Or is there something else retarded you had in mind?" She added.

"Anything besides just your first name! Like how are you supposed to protect your loved ones or whatever?" Killer Moth decided to side with T.E.M.

"One, it's not my actual first name, it's spelled and pronounced differently! And two, I don't have loved ones!"

"I also don't have anyone I'm trying to protect but I still have my nickname." I said.

"And do you think I had any use coming to your planet and being given the name Blackfire? I merely have it because you... I guess the closest word you have to it is racist earthlings can't tell the difference between my sister and I and needed a way to differentiate between the two of us." Blackfire also came into the conversation.

"Well I mean, you could still do better than just 'Terra'." Killer Moth said.

"Dude, you named yourself after the least scary bug known to existence besides, like, a gnat." Blackguard told Moth. The Turtle snickered. "Don't laugh dude, you're named after an animal that takes longer to walk five feet than it does for me to take a shit in the morning." The others started to argue for the most part except for Terra who was now checked out of the conversation and made a gun with her hand and pointed it at her head before mimicking the sound of a gunshot and playing dead, and Blackfire who just stared at them with a look of disdain. I have to say, she looked pretty nice out of the uniform. She wore what must've been her planet's armor underneath a black leather crop top and a leather skirt. For some reason the armor stopped at her shoulders but went all the way down her legs. She also wore giant bracelets with purple rubies in them. I leaned over to talk to her.

"Who do you thinks dying first?" I whispered.


"We're locked in here with a bunch of breathing corpses. Which one do you thinks dying first?"

"What does it matter? I'm not sticking around and I don't care when or who dies among these losers."

"My money's on Turtle. Dude's overweight and I have no idea what his deal is but it can't be promising with a name as dumb as Turtle."

"Alright, lets pretend I'm playing this little game with you, you seriously think Ten Eyes is out lasting the fat one? For one, maybe he's a snapping turtle and he can bite people's heads off. Say this idiot gets into a fist fight or picks up a weapon, how is he going to see where he's aiming? No way he makes it past the first guard."

"I think you guys are forgetting something very important." We looked over and saw Terra was leaned over to talk to us. "KGBitch over there is not only a Russian but Ex-KGB. There's no way he doesn't betray us and side with the dipsticks over there, and when he does, Waller blows his head off before the bullets start flying. And if she doesn't I'm gonna squash his head like a grape. If there's one thing in this world I can't stand it's little disgusting rats who double cross me." Her eyes glowed yellow when speaking the last sentence with a clenched fist.

"Sounds like you're speaking from experience." I said. I'm starting to notice a pattern with the people I associate myself with also having a revenge list.

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