Issue #8: Boomerang Bang

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The next day I woke up to someone in a Brooklyn accent shouting "I'M BACK BOYS! DID YA MISS ME!?" Definitely Harley Quinn.

"Miraculously, Boomerang's alive too." Deadshot said.

"Oi! Don't make it sound so surprising! I'm as resilient as a-"

"Cockroach." Deadshot finished Boomerang's sentence.

"I was gunna say gecko. Boomer really helped me out with my car insurance one time and saved me soooooo much money!" Harley added.

"No I didn't."

"You didn't? Oooooooh, I see. I mixed up 'as resilient' with 'looks like'. You look like a gross lizard." Harley said.

"Oi! Shut your trap Harls!"


"Whaaaaaaaaaat? Why is everyone screaming?" I heard Cleo ask from the other side of the wall.

"Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang are back." I quickly explained.

"Great, there goes me getting a good night sleep for a while." She lazily said. She slurred half of it. After that she went quiet.

"Cleo? You still there?" I asked her. Nothing. She's already asleep again. Then someone banged on my glass. I looked over and saw Boomerang with his face pressed against my cell wall. His big nose contorted in a weird way to let his cheeks lay on the glass as well.

"Ey, newbie! Wot are you doing in me cell!? And wot did you do with all my stuff!?"

"I'm not in your cell. Your cell is next door." I said pointing to the opposite wall from where my bed was. He looked back over, leaving some drool on the glass he was up against.

"Oh. It appears it is. My mistake, mate." He said before beginning to walk over to his cell. He stopped and looked back over at me. "Well, come on over then! Come talk wit Uncle Digger!" Well I guess this is happening. I thought to myself as I got up and walked over to the other side of the cell and waited for Boomerang to get situated. "So, Spooks, What's your whole dealy again? Wot are you in for?"

"Last Halloween I went a little crazy and killed Scarecrow and a few of my former friends."

"Scarecrow? That bloke that wore the straw Harley was always yapping about from Gotham? Got fired from Arkham and then somehow landed a job at some two bit college before going haywire?"

"...I went to that two bit college."

"Oh, no shit, mate! What a coinky dink! And that guy was your first kill? That's hardcore, mate. You're a real killah ain't ya?"

"I'd say so. Apparently I'm the first person to kill someone within a week of being here."

"Ooooooh, might not wanna do that too much here, mate. No one tells ya but we operate on a three strike system with those. Kill three people and let Waller find out and she'll have cutie Katana cut ya inta pieces. When yer gunna off a bloke, ya gotta trick him into breakin' the rules on a mission. Or just lure 'im away and make it look like an tiger or some sheep shagger did it. Doin' it in Belle Reeve gets messy."

"You sound like you're speaking from experience."

"'Course! Buncha drongos think they can belittle me and walk all over Ole Digger cuz they've got no respect for Boomerangs. Biggest mistake you can make is calling them toys. Then, heh heh, it's your head on me wall back home."

"Okay, Boomerang, what's your angle? For from what I've heard, you're being extremely nice for being a notorious scumbag."

"Ey, mate, words hurt but I'll give you the pass this time since my reputation does happen to proceed me." He said. "I happen to be a very like able bloke, but piss me off and it's your ass on the barbie." Well I mean I can relate to that I guess. "There's walking dead among us and they don't know it yet. Wankers who disguised themselves as me mates, spreading lies about me, ruining my reputation," Wait, this is hitting too close to home, I'm relating too much to Captain Boomerang. "and getting me stuck in this cesspool. So I'm just bein' friendly is all. Ya get one chance to make good on me bein' friendly or you'll end up like ole Slipknot."

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