Issue #26: I Spy

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I walked over to the woman with a cigarette in hand and she lit it for me.

"Thanks. So what's a pretty girl like you doing out here during a big party like this?"

"Well, I mean for one I don't wanna be at this thing to begin with. Really just here for a paycheck. I was told I'd just have to go in for a second and smile and wave and look in love."

"Oh, so you're a prostitute."

"You're lucky that you're cute and that I was also told I couldn't use the gun unless absolutely necessary." She said. That's when I realized I somehow didn't notice the sub machine gun hanging off her hip. She also had a knife sheathed on her leg. "I'd bring up the fact that I don't know how well an American whore would work in Russia these days but I am talking to a gigolo who speaks perfect English." I let out a chuckle.

"I suppose that's fair." I said. "I'm not an escort either."

"Then what are you?"


"And where's your boss? Somewhere where they can be easily murdered considering you're not with them right now?"

"I'm sure Dmitriev has people watching their every move."

"Sure if you trust these pigfuckers to successfully defend anyone or anything. Heard a couple nights ago a couple of dorks took out a whole military base. Couldn't have been more than ten of them. They didn't stand much of a chance when I got here either."

"So you must be pretty skilled in your own right."

"I dunno. You tell me." She said before lifting up her leg to axe kick me. I grabbed her ankle, stopping her from hitting me in the head. She pulled her gun out and pointed it at me but I also grabbed her knife and held it under her chin. At first she was surprised but then she smirked at me. I looked down and saw her white panties exposed from the way I held her leg.

"You're gonna catch a cold in this weather dressed like that."

"Cold never bothered me anyways."

"Usually when they start quoting Disney movies on the first date that's my cue to leave." I said lowering the knife as she bolstered the gun and I let go of her leg.

"You've got strong hands. I like that."

"They're great for strangling."

"You're saying all the right things right now." She moved some hair out of her face with a grin. She looked down at my hand. "I'll take that back now." She said gesturing to the knife.

"I think I'd better hold onto it. Never know what kinda weirdos are out and about tonight." I said before we heard an explosion not to far from here. "The hell was that?"

"Fireworks. Dmitriev loves to draw as much attention to himself as possible. Idiot doesn't realize how easy of a target he makes himself." She said. "And if you're not going to give me the knife back at least give me a cig." I obliged and opened up the box of cigarettes and gave her one. She took her lighter back out.

"Allow me." I said gesturing to light it for her.

"Only if you promise to give me it back after you use it. I'm serious about this one. It's a gift." She said. She handed me the lighter and I noticed a little decal on it. It was a circle, half blue, half orange. The outline resembled a scope and the orange side has an eye on it. I lit her cigarette and she let out a ball of smoke. "Rose Wilson, by the way."

"(Y,N) (L,N)." I replied.

"Well, (Y,N) (L,N), how would you feel if we blew this party and-" She began to say before the doors to the balcony swung open.

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