Issue #29: Return of the Rat

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Dmitriev turned his head to look at Sebastian up in a corner near the ceiling and like Komi's sentence triggered it, a swarm of rats came through every crack and crevice in the building. All the socialites panicked as they were surrounded and began running off while the rats started running up the guards and Russian military and ripping at their faces. This caused the guards pointed at me to change their sights to the rats and let go of me. Immediately I punched Dmitriev in the face while Komi hovered above the rats surrounding her. I began looking around the room for her, trying my best not to stomp on the rats as I ran around frantically.

I looked up and around before I saw a person in a dirty hooded jacket with a gas mask over their face holding some sort of glowing device standing at the top of a staircase. They ripped off the mask and I saw Cleo's beautiful smile from ear to ear. A cheesy grin, if you will. She had dry blood and dirt plastered on her own face and clothes, it seemed like she'd been through hell herself, but she didn't care now that she saw me.

Like the parting of the Red Sea, all the rats in between us moved away leaving a runway for me who was in the dead center of the room and her who was on top of the stairs. Well a runway with corpses on it and guests running away with rats in their hair. We then ran straight towards each other and embraced, with me spinning Cleo around in my arms. She looked like she was on the verge of tears of happiness.


"I thought you were dead!" She told me.

"It's going to take a lot more than a measly Russian military to keep me in the ground. The more shocking thing is I thought you were in America?"

"Waller sent a clean up crew after she thought you were all killed storming the base. I was so scared I was never going to see you again!"

"That's funny."


"Making sure you stayed alive was the only thing keeping me going." I said. A single tear went down her cheek as she smiled at me. She let go of me.

"Oh my god, you're smoking! Are you on fire?" She asked. I looked down and saw smoke emanating from my chest where Cleo's head once was.

"I... no, I don't think so... that's interesting."


"It's nothing. Nice costume by the way." Then I heard the sound of a gun cocked and turned around to see a Russian guard point his gun at me. That was before multiple rats jumped on his face and he fell to the ground. I quickly grabbed the gun and shot him in the midsection three times as the rats mauled at his face. I turned back to Cleo. "Did you say she sent a cleanup crew?" I asked. As I did so I heard a shotgun repeatedly go off. It sounded like two actually. I looked over to the entrance of the room and saw Harley Quinn riding King Shark as she shot everything that moved and King Shark absorbed the bullets essentially. Peacemaker wasn't far behind, slicing guards with a machete and shooting others. Then from the windows dozens of icicles broke through stabbing an assortment of reds before an ice slide appeared on the balcony and Dr. Snow slid into the ballroom.

"Watch where you throw those things, snowjob!" Peacemaker shouted at her.

"And be careful where you freeze, you could kill some of them!" Cleo said pointing at the rats.

"And do you think I give a rat's ass about-" Caitlin began to say before she looked over at Cleo and saw me standing with her in my arms. "...I see dead people. I guess you really are a ghost now."

"Not your best pun work, Snowflake." I said. At this point everyone not on our side seemed to be taken out of the equation. Cleo let go of me and turned off her machine and the rats all scurried away with the exception of Sebastian running up her shoulder.

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