Issue #50: The Batman

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8 PM

"You sure you wouldn't rather take a limousine or something? This ain't exactly premiere transportation, I'll tell you that much. Although I don't know much of anything is premiere transportation in this shithole." The taxi driver said as we made our way to Wayne Manor.

"This is fine. I missed taking taxis in this city. Besides I heard this one time that you can learn more from riding in taxi cabs then all the limousines in America."

"Taxi Driver." Jane and the actual taxi driver said at the same time.

"I thought you only watched horror movies?" Jane teased.

"I dabbled in psychological movies about the human mind too." I said. "I didn't know you liked movies like that."

"I remember sneaking into it to hide from the white shirts when it first came out." Jane responded. "Fucking loved every second of it."

"So you like old movies?" I asked the Taxi Driver.

"Oh yeah, movies have always been my thing. Watched them all the time with my dad. Taxi Driver was I guess ironically my favorite. Travis Bickle was a real man. And he was a real hero. He didn't go around leaping in capes letting the filth rise to the top. He became the rain to wash away the scum before it was too late."

"So this is where you grew up? The Gotham City?" Jane asked looking out the window. "It looks pretty, I guess."

"This isn't really my favorite part of Gotham. It's nice and all but this is the part of town where you usually run into the worst of the worst."

"He's right. The whores and politicians all come out on this part of town, pretending to be outstanding citizens and hiding their dealings behind closed doors under lock and key. Some of them have more body counts than Poison Ivy has trees she's planted." The driver agreed.

"I spent a lot of time towards the East End."

"I thought you were a rich kid?"

"I lived in a big fancy house with mother but we never saw eye to eye. When I was 16 I moved out to live with... someone else. I couldn't keep any of the clothes I owned or notebooks for school or anything. I had the clothes on my back. I was lucky mother kept all of my stuff when I went back after the incident. All my horror memorabilia. It was the East End where I got reaffirmed there's still kindness in the world and I wasn't so crazy for trying to do good. Sure all the lowly thugs lived there, probably whoever killed The Waynes, but there are good men and women there too. A community to mourn with a grieving mother when a kid joins Joker's army and again when he's eventually killed by Joker. There were street gatherings to celebrate when someone got sober. One time I saw someone actually ask their neighbor for a cup of sugar! And no one was shot, raped, anything like that."

"He's right again. Not to overshare but after my parents got killed I was a Crime Alley Kid. I knew what those orphanages do to kids like me, had this lady that lived down there hide me and teach me how to fend for myself. Real stand up gal. It ain't the people down the East End you gotta worry about. Just the cocksuckers up here. So you lived down there, too? We ever met?"

"I didn't live down there more that I lived by there. We got our groceries and stuff down there and the person that lived down there uh... did charity work."

"Oh. Are you sure we haven't met? You look familiar. You ever been on tv?"

"Norman's been on tv a couple times. He's a leading force in curing MPD." Jane covered for me. He must've seen some of the coverage last Halloween. Honestly I was so zoned out at the time I have no idea how much of that was put on television.

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