Issue #24: jealousy, jealousy

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"Princess Komand'r! It is nice to be in your presence once more!" Dmitriev said standing to greet us as we walked into the dining room of one of his palaces. With him was a man who was definitely up there in years but wore it well. Visible wrinkles, gray hairs, but built like Jean Claude Van Damme and the eyepatch and scar over his left eye gave him character. I assume this is the infamous President Sidorov. Komi walked over to him with glee. Like she was seeing a forbidden lover for the first time in months and had dreamed of being in his arms every second since they last met. I felt my eye twitch slightly as Komi presented her hand and he kissed it.

"The feeling is mutual, Vice President Dmitriev." She said overly formal. She seemed like she had been trying to get under my skin the entire time when we met up with her prior to this. She was overly critical of me and it worked a little bit. I'm not a fan of being talked down to.

"Please, call me Nikolai." He said with a shit eating grin. I wanted to pull every one of his pearly white teeth out one by one.


"Ahem!" Sidorov cleared his throat.

"Ah yes, of course. Komand'r, this is President Sidorov of the great country of Russia." Dmitriev introduced him.

"He got a first name of is it like Prince?" I asked. Dmitriev and Sidorov looked at me with disgust and disbelief that I would say something like that and Komi read the room and quickly slapped me across the face. I immediately let my scythe fall down my sleeve and into my hand and slashed through her neck. I then blinked and remembered not only could my scythe not have fit in my sleeve but Komi had a reputation to keep. It was reckless of me to insult a dictator while cosplaying as a lowly servant. When I opened my eyes Komi was staring at me with cold eyes.

"You'll speak when you're spoken to!" She told me. I blankly stared at her and nodded.

She gets one free shot.

The bitch should've gotten zero. She should fear you.

Which is the precise amount of organs I'd still have in my body if I murdered her in front of these commie bastards. And if they hadn't gotten me, the bomb in my head would have.

"твой раб плохо обучен." Sidorov said. One of the words I had learned last night so Komi never got away with saying it around me was 'slave'. That just so happened to be one of the words Sidorov said. It was at this point I realized I would get no real intel by continuing to listen to a foreign language I knew little about and should just let Rick give me the cliff notes later. Instead I should watch body language and try to learn from that. Grave mistake on my part honestly. The meeting droned on and on all though I noticed Komi's increasingly flirty nature with Dmitriev. I also noticed she would throw me a look after every presumed compliment and at points where she wrapped her arms around his, feeling his muscles. I thought about the idea of ripping all of his muscle covered limbs off of his body.

Patience. Allow me to do all the work.

I don't trust you.

Why is that? How many innocent were murdered on Halloween night? I keep to our mission goals, no unnecessary death. No unnecessary death.

I don't like what you're implying.

Only because, good doctor, you know who's demise is necessary...

I zeroed in on Komi. She looked back at me with a smirk as she now held hands with Dmitriev while he stared dreamily at her.

She's still needed.

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