Chapter 1 Beta and Alpha

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Alaxander prov

*It has been five years since Ivy has passed away I had her buried where we first met,she had loved that place and often had gone there when she needed a break to think it was by a frozen waterfall that never fully would unfreeze as if stuck like that for eternity. Her pack would often visit as they passed by following the herds of elk and caribou. Lilly,Ivy's mom was just as heartbroken at losing Ivy and left shortly after she had heard that Ivy had died and hasn't been seen since. Today Ivy's old pack, the Lunar pack would be passing through here again. I shifted into my black wolf. I had barley eaten anything since Ivy had passed and had dropped down to a low weight of sixty pounds and for a werewolf and an alpha especially suppost to be at a healthy weight of two twenty five it was a miracle I had yet to die. I still managed to run my pack somehow though. In my wolf form I weighed eighty pounds compared to my three hundred I was sopost to. I trotted over to my boarderline with James and Delilah to meet with the Beta of the Lunar pack,since Ivy had been with the pack for so long they didn't see it right for the generation that grew up with her to hand the alpha position over to their Beta ironically named Beta and they were going to let the new generation take over once everybody that knew Ivy had passed. I saw Beta coming over through the trees two of his siblings followed behind him Stella and Max I believe were their names. They hung back from approaching as well as James and Delilah to let us speak.*

'Hello Alaxander,how have you been?'

'As well as I could possibly be after losing my mate,I am still mourning if that is what you are asking.'

'I understand that losing a mate for shifters if quiet hard from what I understand even worse than losing a beloved alpha.'

*We both lowered our heads a bit at our conversation.*

'I have something that Alpha had asked me to give to you after five years of mourning.'

'So this is the 'gift' she had left me?'

'Yes, Stella, Max.'

*Beta gave a slight jerk of his head they disappeared for a moment and came back with something in their mouths I couldn't tell what it was though. It was obviously alive due to the squirming in Maxe's mouth, tho the one in Stella's was quiet still. When they set them down they were kids they both had silvery hair tho the smaller one of the two, a girl had incredibly white hair while the boy had more of a grayish silver color.*

'Why did Ivy leave me kids...she wasn't pregnate.'

'She was, these two are your kids, Kai and Skye.'

*My head was spinning at this information. Kai had stood up and walked over to his sister which was trembling terribly and pulled her against him giving her a hug. Compared to her brother she was so much smaller Kai kept direct eye contact with me whereas his sister Skye kept her eyes downcast not looking even her brother in the eye. Kai broke eye contact after a moment then looked to Beta.*

'Why did you bring us into another packs territory? Is this the Knight Pack that you are allied with?'

'Yes it is, Kai.'

*Kai met my eyes again his eyes were an even darker shade of green than mine were if that was even possible.*

'So your the Alpha of this pack I take?'

'Yes I am.'

'I am Kai and this is my sister Skye.'

*Kai kept a blank look the whole time I was surprised a five year old wasn't intimidated by my alpha air even if I was his father he didn't show any emotion and never broke eye contact when speaking.*

'Well since your the alpha then you must be Alaxander and the two behind you must be James and Delilah your siblings.'

*Even Beta did know James and Delilah were my siblings so how did he know? Kai finally broke eye contact and looked back over to Beta.*

'Can we get going if you are done talking?'

'Well, Kai, not only is Alaxander the Alpha of this pack,but he is also your father.'

*Kai jerked his head back around glaring at me.*

'Your our father?! Where in the name of elk guano have you been?!'

*I was caught off guard suddenly by his outburst.Skye shrunk back shaking from her brothers sudden outburst.*

'Why would you and mom even abandon us?!'

'Kai! Enough nobody abandoned you! Your mother was dying giving birth  to the both of you in fact, she told us that the first five years you should remain with us until your father could finish grieving then once those five years are up to let you be reunited with your father!'

*Beta let out a snarl of anger at Kai's disrespect.*

'We brought you back here to reunite you with your father,we have done exactly what your mother,our alpha asked, now that I have done that I can pass on in peace. Please don't make this hard on you and your sister, Kai.'

*Through all of this Skye had remained silent soaking in everything. She made a small gesture putting her  hand on top of her brothers and shook her head no and gave his hand a squeeze Kai calmed down after a huff pulling her closer.*

'Ok,I understand Beta. May you rest in peace and hunt safely.'

*Kai looked at Beta as he spoke then Skye finally looked up and spoke tho kept her eyes downcast.*

'Have good hunting and warm summers.'

*After that Beta tuned leaving obviously limping with arthritis in his joints.*

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