Chapter 3 Skye prov

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Skye prov
(Pic of Skye)

*I kept my eyes downcast as we walked through the snow slush. I stuck close to Kai as we walked my senses were honing in on every little smell sound and change in weather as we walked. Beta was walking ahead veering off, he had an alliance with a shifter pack how I knew that I didn't know I always had a good sense for these kind of things Max and Stella came behind us and asked us to follow them. I followed close behind then sat down on the hill and waited like they had asked. Kai sat next to me after awhile Stella and Max came back after five or so minutes. Stella went behind me and  my up gently by the neck I hung limply keeping my eyes towards the ground not looking up. I could see out of the corner of my eye Kai struggling in Max's grip which he could hardly keep Kai under control. It made my lips curl in a slight smirk too small too see. It amused me seeing my brother being carried like a pup. Stella set me down in the snow. I could feel the presence of another Alpha I kept my eyes downcast tho gave a quick glance all too short too notice looking up at the Alpha. I took one look and imbedded my nails into my hands I was the quicker one out of my brother and I to see exactly who the alpha was. I knew our parents weren't in the Lunar pack one glance was all it took for me to know this Alpha was indeed our father. I inhaled deeply getting control of myself I didn't even realize I was shaking until Kai had come behind me and was holding me and undid my hands from my palms which had started to bleed. My body tenses as I watched the clear blood like water ooze endlessly out of my hand. It was quiet troublesome once I started to bleed it would never stop. Kai had been talking with Beta and the Alpha of the Knight pack, Alaxander I belive. Kai had started to shake and I could feel the waves of anger rolling off of him immensely.I placed my hands over his hand and shook my head no agains his firm chest. He relaxed after a bit knowing not to make things worse he took a deep breath and kept it out with a huff. I started to pay attention to what was said between Beta, Kai and Alpha Alaxander.*

'Ok,I understand Beta. May you rest in peace and hunt safely.'

*I looked at Beta and spoke after Kai had said his piece of goodbye. I turned and raised my head ever so slightly giving only Beta a look at my unnatural eye color of a violet neon color.*

'Have good hunting and warm summers.'

*After that Beta tuned leaving obviously limping with arthritis in his joints. I lowered my head from the little way I had brought it up keeping it downcast. I held myself tall when I walked tho I never looked anybody in the eyes.I stood up and Kai followed hesitantly after. He went in front of me as he walked. Kai wasn't one for trust it took him awhile to even trust the Lunar pack which we had grown up with. I was getting extremely hungry Kai was able to go long periods of time whereas I had to have something to eat everyday. My mouth parted I could hear every heartbeat that was made. I took hold of Kai's hand as a gesture that we had ever since we were little. Technically we still are. Kai gave my hand a squeeze in acknowledgement and I dropped my hand from his. I looked up as I saw the shifting of Alaxander which appeared to be painful,tho probably not after years of doing the shift. He was thrown some fabric which he quickly put on over his waist. I didn't know why shifters and humans tended to cover their bodies with fabric,I didn't care to know either. As we passed, from what I could smell Alaxanders siblings were giving us questioning looks. My canine teeth elongated as I smelled fresh food close by. I kept my mouth clamped shut as I strained my ears to understand what was being said in the human language between Alaxander and his siblings, James and Delilah if I remember correctly. Kai seemed to be  doing the same thing also. I heard a little gasp startling me  and making me give a little jump. I saw a feminine figure approaching me and enveloped me in a huge hug.  I got stiff and Kai let out a low an audible growl. He yanked me from her arms and put me behind him so he was between Delilah and I. My eyes were wide showing off  my neon violate eyes, Delilah seemed surprised by this gesture from my brother Alaxander said something then Delilah and James left leaving us alone with Alaxander. Kai got even more stiff and kept eye contact I wanted to look back down at the ground,but my eyes were trailing over all of the major veins and artier  looking for the fatal kill. I could see it flashing before my eyes, I broke away and looked back at the ground my eyes softened and I relaxed my pose feeling the hunger coming back giving my mouth a cottony feel to it.*

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