Chapter 13 15 Year Shift Broken

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(Alaxander prov)

*Good god you would think there would be more interesting things to  being an alpha,however that is not the case you have paperwork on top of paperwork to do. I gave a stretch looking over a report about some weird sightings of red and blue eyes being sighted all around the world always showing up in different places yet always staying close to one place. Confusing much? I looked over precisely what the reports were saying re-reading it to make sure I was reading it correctly.*

(Sighting have been filed off of reports of red and blue eyes of some sort of animal passing through pack territories it isn't a were due to the scent left behind however the paw prints are the size of a omega wolf sighting have been seen all over the northern regions never staying any longer than a moment in one place.)

*sigh* *What in the world kind of report is this so post to be? I heard a door opening and the small chatter from Kai and Skye I put the report down and in its correct file then walked out of my office to see what they would say about there day. What kind of father would I be if I didn't?*

"Hey we are home dad."

"Hey Skye,Kai how was school?"

"Take a guess."


"Classes were come to find out Lilly had found her mate."

*Well that is good to hear,I can only imagine how her dad will react.*

"Really now? Well better keep it between us till she tells her parents."


"So who is her mate?"


*Keith...ohh little Keith last time I saw him was when he was seven and Ashton was three.*

"Ohh so you must have met Ashton then."

"You know them?"

"Yes, I knew their dad before he passed away."

"That's pretty cool."

"Yes,he was a good man,I never did find out how he passed though. I wish I did."

"Well we could ask Ashton."

"No,don't do that no need to open old wounds. Well,I am sure you two are hungry so I will let you get a snack or go for a run."

"Why don't you come with us? I might not be able to shift,but that doesn't mean you can run with Skye and I."

*Well this is a first,Kai normal doesn't talk a whole lot much less invite me or anybody other than Skye to do things with him.*

"Sure,that sounds good."

"I let Kai and Skye go in front of me while I took off my shirt shoes and jeans and began to shift. It had been awhile since I had shifted fifteen years,far too long. Rider had long stopped talking too,ever since Ivy had passed away we had put up a mental wall between the both of us  as well as our emotions. I shifted into my pure black wolf  form and Kai and Skye got ready to take off.*

"One.Two.Three. go!"

*We all took off running Skye sped ahead taking off in a blur Kai kicked up his speed after her and I followed suit. These two were beyond fast as expected they both carry alpha genes so of course they were going to be  incredibly fast even if they weren't from a completely pure one shifter line. I began to pant we had been running for quiet awhile now and Skye and Kai slowed down for me. I slowed down to a trot and then they started to walk so I did also.*

"Ya doing ok?"

'Been awhile since I have shifted and had a good run not to mention you two are quiet fast.'

"Well we do run everyday so...that could have something to do with that."

'Possibly,more than likely it is because of your tenses that have a factor to play in all of this also. I am going to go shift give me a second.'

*I went behind a tree and shifted slower than I would have like back into my human form and put the shirt underwear and shorts on that were stored in a rabbit hole. I stepped out from behind the tree once I dressed.*

"You want to head back now?"


"Yeah,I am getting kinda hungry...I kinda want something spicy."

"Not to self I can't leave you alone until you are more than over this craving."

"Why are you craving something spicy Skye?"

"I was sorta hungry and Ashton offered some blood and I was in the verge of a blood feeding frenzy. I honestly didn't want too,but I wound up drinking it...."

"Can't be helped we will just have to make sure you get more blood packets to help even out your cravings and we will just add some hot sauce to the blood to help."


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