Chapter 38 Disturbia

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(Kai prov)

"How am I supost to find my way out when I don't even remember making such a place."

I looked around and tried to think of when I had time to make such a fiery world...what kind of state of mind would I have been in to make it anyway? I walked over to a lake and looked down into the water, although it didn't seem like water more like lava, but tinged with highlights of blue and white streaking through it. I saw my reflection staring back at me. It was that of yellow reptilian eyes. My hair was disheveled and spiked up every which way tipped red, my skin was much tanner and my teeth every one of them virtually razors. I blinked and it vanished. It it's place was my pale face, emerald green eyes my white with grey streaked hair calmly dealt and with minimal spiking unlike the directly spiked imagine I had seen prior. Bright red eyes looked back up at me. I crossed my arms and the red eyes narrowed. I still could not see the body due to the water, although the occasional blue or white streak would show glimpses of the body. I still could not make out the size however.  I saw some movement over on my left and suddenly Skye emerged with a violet dark fox following behind her.


"Kai, it took forever to find you in this fiery mess!"

"Well, I don't have a clue on how to get out of here anyway, much less look..."

"Oii, your sense of direction is only slightly better than mine I regretfully have to say."

"I can't deny that."

"Ok, Ember look, the only way you are going to get them out of here, is if you show yourself and shift into our form. So get your lazy, fiery ass outta there and get them conscious again!"

"No. Way. Violet."

"Ughh! I swear I don't see how we are related!"

"Do we sound like that Kai?"

"Umm....definitely not. We are much more civil and friendly than that."

At this point as I had come to know my foxes name as Violet by which tried to get Ember out of the lava water.

"What put them into a state of fear anyway, Violet?"

"Hmm...I don't really know."

(Alexander prov)

I kept glancing over at Sheki which held a calm and relaxed tone. However you could see the kind of power she held in her arura and speech. It was still hard to belive I had a second felt like I was betraying Ivy by having another mate. Something about Sheki was off and familiar. I have seen her before. Where though?

"If you have something to say to me, then go ahead and say it."

Sheki continued to look forward,but her head was tilted a bit so her ear was closer to my voice.

"I was just thinking at how you are familiar and I have seen you somewhere before."

"That is not unlikely. I may not remember anything of my life before, but I do know and get a certain feeling when I have seen somebody before. I have most definitely seen you somewhere, probably in my life before this one."

"What do you mean your life before this one?"

"Well, simply put a vampire is either born as such or transformed. If they are born then they will remember their whole life however if they are transformed their life prior to the one as a vamp is forfeited as well as their memories only feelings of familiarity are left."

"Then you weren't born a vamp?"

"No, I wasn't. However I can't say who my sire was because I never met him or her."

"How does one get transformed then?"

"It isn't a big secret how it is done. The person had to be near death and or have a intense desire to be transformed; my group only does it for people near death. Such as Blaze by whom was outcast from his pack of werewolves for one reason or another was found and desired to be allowed to live. My second Jase however was born a vamp is much older than me and is almost a master vampire, but I hold a higher rank than him despite that. Now, if you look carefully then you should be able to see their arura by now which means they are close and you can leave once they wake up and the mist is gone."

"What exactly are you trying to do to them and what do you get out of it?"

I narrowed my eyes at Sheki.

"Getting them to shift and make sure that their lineage is clean. As for what I get out of it. Data on how a fox shifters first shift works and how much energy is involved, I compared to that of other shifters which once reaching a certain age shift. Although as I have been told due to how long fox shifters live their shifting conditions are meet differently and can only be awakened by extream emotion such as anger, fear, happiness, lust, envy. It just depends on the person and their shift the easiest emotion to evoke is fear and anger so as time progresses with them in there the key qualities will change to ensure the most natural shift for their nature the actual mental process is painless, however you already know the actual shift is what hurts the most."

"I find it very disturbing on how much you know about fox shifters."

"Why? This information can be found in books and if not in the mortal realm, then in the demon with the details."

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