Chapter 14 Kai,Skye & Ashton

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(Skye prov)

*I sat in a chair staring at a wall clock watching the minutes ticked by. My training for the day having to ignore the blood splattered around the room and bowls of blood surrounding me,all while have been starved of blood for two weeks. To answer your question no this wasn't torcher,....I think. So far I have made it five minutes the scent of blood filled my senses as I closed my eyes trying to reign my fangs in again. Bingo fangs retracted, I took a deep breath taking the smell of blood into my senses and exhaled and did that several times till my senses were numb and the scent of blood wasn't even noticeable to me anymore. I looked at the clock I had started at twelve a.m it was now six p.m woohoo new record! I stood up the chair scrapping against the originally white marble floor however it was now painted red with blood for my monthly exercise. I knocked on the bullet and sound proof door three times and it opened I cast a glance at the bowl of blood however tore my eyes away from it and walked out of the room.*

"Great time, that has to be your best time yet."

"Yeah,I don't really feel all that hungry either which is good."

*I leaned against the mushroom cap colored wall and looked around the room I had come quiet familiar with Ashton and Kai had set up a ps4 and a x -box in the observation room to watch and see how I did,but seeing as I was now getting better at controlling myself they needed a way of entertainment. Ashton came up behind Kai and tossed me a breakfast bar it was dry and tasted like a lemon just not as sour. I opened the wrapper and took one of the four biscuits out and ate it.*

"Why are these things always so dry?! Toss me some water."

*Kai rolled his eyes at me as he reached into the mini fridge grabbed a bottled water for himself and me.*

"What none for me?!"

"If you want water,you get get up off your lazy ass and get it."

*Ahh Kai's famous insult with monotone. I jumped up and over the back of the couch and landed sprawled out game controller in hand and clicked play and killed off Kai,as well as Ashton's characters.*

"Hey not fair!"(unison)

"All is fair when I sat in a room of blood for six hours boys!"

*I stuck my toung out at them then got up and left them with a defeated look. It was nice Kai had at least one friend as well as myself other than family relations apparently we got that from our mom;our introverted nature. I took a look behind me then began to sprint before they could catch up to me. I sprinted up from the basement and out the door almost leaving skid marks in my path I heard ripping of cloths behind me then I heard the howl of a wolf and a roar of a dragon I saw a dragon flying above me and Kai was running right behind me,he still hadn't shifted for the first time yet,however he did posses shifter qualities so it was quite likely too much blood was in his veins to decide what shifter he was,then that small factor remained he could be a vamp also just not as strongly affected to light and blood like I was. Speaking of which I was running blindly. One minute I am up,the next I run face first into a tree hearing a crack I pinch my nose and tilt my head back then reposition my nose correctly again I felt the tree and well....a face imprint was in it.*

"Ouch,that looked painful."

"You ok sis?"

"Yeah,just fine."

"Good,then we can get you back!"


*I jumped up what felt like twenty feet into the air in reality proably only two I turned to run, but ran into a solid chest which was bare...*

"Put some shorts on Ashton!"

"How do you know I am not wearing any already? Hmm?"

"Do I really have to answer that, Ashton?"

"Ashton,go put some shorts on!"

*I squinted trying to focus my eyes and my pupils finally narrowed and things came into focus really clearly a tad too quickly.*

"Ahhhh my eyes!"

*I reached into my dress pocket and tossed some shorts at Ashton he put them on quickly and I crossed my arms over my chest then turned around with a hmppphhh. I flipped Ashton off then let my eyes dull in the bright sun. Kai and Ashton laughed at my retreating form we would fired joke around by flipping each other off,well flipping Ashton off, Kai and I wold settle disputes either in our Latin tong and or with a actual fight,whichever suited the situation the best at the time,is what we went with.*

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