Chapter 12 Ashton meets Kai

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(Kai prov)

*This class is so boring. Why can't they up the lessons I mean seriously don't they have any higher advanced classes? Skye was staring blankly out a window so I wasn't the only one who was bored at least. Skye smelled like she had some kind of blood she drank on her breath. It smelled kinda like spices almost. I will have to ask her about that when this teacher stops talking. Well the day didn't go by very eventful that is for sure nothing, but teachers talking your ears off.*

"Hey Skye,I was wondering,but did you drink some kind of spice blood mix?"


"Skye? What did you do?"

"Somebody offered me some...blood and before I could stop myself after I determined it was safe,...I kinda ..drank it."

"You did what?!"

"Shhh keep your voice down."

"Who was it?"

"His name was Ashton,please don't hurt him,he was only trying to help if he hadn't then I might have gone on a blood purge...."

*I took a deep breath calming myself down. I felt a presence come up behind me and I glanced back seeing a guy with red hair walking up to us.*

"Let me guess he is Ashton?"

"Umm,yes..behave Kai."

"Yeah relax,I can behave."

*Skye gave a smile in satisfaction and I saw a shimmer of her eyes flash an extremely fusia breaking past her contacts which usually happened when she got really happy or excited about something.*

"Hey Skye!"

"Sup Ashton?"

"So is this your brother?"

"Yes I am her brother,Kai."

"Ashton,nice to meet you."

*We gave each other a firm handshake. Well not everyday somebody has an equally firm handshake.*

"Thank you for loaning some of your blood,however don't do it again."

"Message received your sister said something similar to what you just said."

*I gave a nod. Ashton didn't give off a bad aurora or put me on edge,which didn't happen often so because of that he seemed trustworthy. Didn't mean I wouldn't keep an eye on him though.*

"So let me guess you are either a phonix,dragon or a demon due to the way your blood smelled on my sisters breath."

*Skye breathed into her hand smelling her breath and gave a shrug meaning her breath wasn't stinky and smelled fine I almost rolled my eyes at her,but didn't. *

"Dragon,so what exactly are you?"

"A hybrid of sorts mostly alpha were however there is some vamp as well as another shifter element in our lineage. That's as much as I can say."

"Well that makes sense cause if you didn't say vamp then I was about to say what about your sister. I was wondering,is Lilly your cousin?"

"Yes,how did you know about her,she still owes me a new brush."

"A new brush?"

"Yeah she flushed Skye's brush down the toilet."

"That can't be fun,and I know her cause my brother Keith is her mate."

"Wait,wait,wait,back up Lilly had a mate,since when?!"

"Since a year ago."

"Ha you owe me a hundred dollars Kai! I was right!"

*I reached into my pocket grumpily handing Skye her one hundred.*

"You made a bet on when your cousin got her mate?"

"Course it was either that or me taking Kai's food whenever I pleased. Now I get to bug her bout having a mate and not saying anything."

*Sky had an evil glint in her eye and an evil aurora surrounded her.*

"If you don't want to face that wrath make sure you don't piss her off or keep anything secret from her."

"Thanks for the advise. You know,I could have sworn I have smelled that last mix you didn't name before."

"Highly unlikely might have been from Skye."

"Mabye,could have sworn I smelled that scent in the underworld though."


"Yeah weird."

"What are you boys talking about? Anything you want to share with lil'ol me?"

"Nothing,but about how you can possibly drink blood."

"Blegggg I would rather not drink it."

"Wow,this is a first out of all my vampire friends not a single one had said they hate drinking blood on the contrary they love it."

"Yeah Skye isn't your typical vamp."

"Yup,and proud of it!"

"Well nice meeting you,but our dad is expecting us back soon."

"Same,see ya round."

*Skye and I turned and once we made it into the woods we took off running back to the pack house startling a few boarder patrols which got whiplash from us running past them so quickly then they realized it was just Skye and I by how fast we were running.*

"Hey we are home dad."

"Hey Skye,Kai how was school?"

"Take a guess."


"Classes were come to find out Lilly had found her mate."

"Really now? Well better keep it between us till she tells her parents."


"So who is her mate?"


"Ohh so you must have met Ashton then."

"You know them?"

"Yes, I knew their dad before he passed away."

"That's pretty cool."

Me-ahh is been so long since a character chat! Well to start off we will start with Skye,so what is it like being a twin?

Skye- good not much difference than being normal siblings you just share a birthday is all.

Me- ok Alexander-

Alexander- why did you kill off my mate!

Me-  I umm...couldn't think of another way...Ashton!

Ashton- sup?

Me- so what is it like being a dragon?

Ashton- very,very hot.

Me- that it -_-'

Ashton- yes that is it. Say if I know you, then you ran over you budget 😈

Me- Waaaaahhhh your right! Bye Feral Readers till next time!

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