Chapter 29 The Search Starts Up

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*I stood thinking on where Skye might have been taken. I had a feeling she wasn't in the US anymore... Let's see black market, blood red eyes. That would lead to vampires. If she isn't in the states then that limits the possibilities down to three vampire organizations. Two of which I know then the third nobody knows and if they do then they don't live to tell about  it. Rumors have it that some kind of demonic being is in charge of the organization. The rumors say he is six ten and is packed with muscle and has a heart stone cold and a Komodo dragon that follows him every where and has the intelligence of a hellhound. His eyes are blood red, reder than any vampires eyes combined. If this was the case then we were up against a formidable foe. The one problem the organization he runs is always on the move and never stays one place longer than a couple months.*

"Ok, there are three possible groups I have narrowed it down to, two of which I know, the third will take some time. The first one resides in hell the second Florida close to the Everglades  then the third, as I said is like smoke and mirrors. I can ask Keith to look into the dealing in hell and find out if they know anything, then we will have to go to Florida ourself."

"Not nesassarily, there is somebody living in the keys, River he might be able to help us, he and I met during our spirit travel and he is just as worried about Skye as we are and already said he would be willing to help."

"Son, that is too risky, he might be part of this dealing and then alert whoever he is working for that we are looking for Skye, so no we can't ask him for his help."

"I don't think so, he didn't seem like the type to get involved in anything, besides he himself as said was captured years prior to finding out the weakness of fox shifters, whatever that is."

"...mercury, when..when your mother was killed her body was examined and it was found with low trace amounts of mercury almost too little to be detected."

"So, what exactly does it do?"

"Burns the skin and makes fox shifters super weak and tired. It's like wolfban, except ten times worse seeing as mercury alone can kill anybody with it just touching their skin and wolf ban only affects werewolves alone."

"What would happen if it was injected into ones system?"

"To be honest I don't know. You would have to ask your grandmother that my knowledge is limited seeing as I didn't have much time with my mate, ...before her passing."

*It was a silent knowledge not to speak about ones mate when they passed due to the pain it caused, Alaxander was no different if anything it was harder for him seeing as two if the years he spent with her he was in a coma and then the rest of the time she was either a) on the verge if tearing somebody's throat out, or b) when she wasn't in her alpha mode she was fighting  herself for where to stay and go, so her existence alone was probably agonizing having one part of you wanting to stay with your mate then the other fighting to get back to the wild. I myself wouldn't give up my mate, but if you looked at it through her eyes she had grown up feral and then was thrust back to civilization so naturally you would be fighting yourself. Although from what I have heard she was a pure born alpha and very loyal to whoever gained her trust, not like most females where that are submissive to their mates even in the beginning they fight,but in the end they sourcing to the matting bond and calm down a bit, she had never done that she had settled, but still wasn't submissive.*

"Well, Kai while you are getting ahold if River, I will get in contact with my brother, Alpha Alaxabder, if you can maybe find some contacts and sighting of some vampire groups then that may be of help."

"Both Kai and Alexander gave a nod. Alaxander sat down and leaned against a tree and began taking deep breaths  like he was meditating, his hands were crossed his pointer fingers were touching and his thumbs crossed atop each other an his other fingers crossed atop also. His breathing leveled out shortly after a cold breeze was felt then his breathing almost stopped compleatly. Alaxander had gone inside and was making some calls, I leaned against a tree while standing and got ahold if my brother.*

'Keith, I need you to help me out.'

'What do you need, I am kinda a bit buissy at the moment.'

'Skye had been teen-napped, I need you too look into the vampire group in hell and see if they know anything and get back to me as soon as possible.'

'Skye has been teen-napped?!'

'Yes, that is what I said. I need to go now.'


*I returned to River and he was watching the ride come in lost in thought. He noticed my presence in a few second though.*

"Did you find her?!"

"No, I was hopping you could help, there is a vampire gang around this area and I was hopping you could gather some I two and see if they know anything."

*Rivers face paled at that.*

"I know what group you are talking about,...I will help you, but you need to know the group I am visiting will be the same one by which captured me."

"So you can't show you face then."

"I can help, but if they remember my face, then I will need to get out of there, just so you know."

"I understand, and thank you."

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