Chapter 53 Remembrance

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(Yay we are nearing the end of this story just a few more chapters left before err...not really sure who this book revolves around anymore...I feel like its Kai and Skye but then again Lillie is back and Ivy ughh....At least I know for certain the third book is for Lillie comment below who you think this story is now about. Ohh and a little secret I think my fav character in this book is River hehe, he is super cute as a kido lol)

(Kai pov) 

The mind link message went through and I went rushing around searching for Skye, and my mom I opened the door to her room it slamming hard leaving an indentation undoubtedly. 

"We need to leave now where is Skye?" 

"I don't know,  I thought she was with you."

"No, she isn't, but we need to go now either way, we cant wait up for her I sent her a link, she hasn't responded back, but I cant afford the time to look for her I will figure it out when I come back as to where she went."

"Why, what's wrong I haven't given the orders to move out yet."

"Gram's left and Ashton and River went after her."

"Ok, I can see we don't have much time left."

"None at all."

I began running my mom close behind as the snow flurried up behind me yet the way she ran was that of how a wolf ran from what I was told she grew up feral and it clearly showed in her moves, she spent longer with them than Skye and I ever did, it showed a bit in our movements, but hers were with purpose mine were as well, but not nearly that measured and atop the snow I just sank sending the snow flying in a flurry of white. I watched her nose twitch then she gaped taking in the scent as I followed suit quickly smelling what she did, blood. Lot's and lots of blood. My mom rushed ahead her red eyes glazing over herterochomatic blue and green as the sun and snow hit just right.  I dove into the building after her not sure what to expect what I saw made me stop my movement and propelled my mom onward more her resolve absolute. 

(Ivy pov) 

I saw my mother about to be killed my mind was foggy and clouded it was difficult to decipher I was fighting for control tooth and nail and barely winning I was so weak after all this time if only  I hadn't been naive all those years ago I could have prevented this mind set of cloudiness. I pushed my mom out of the way hearing her let out a disgruntled cough as she hit a wall. Better a wall than a dagger. I hit the dagger out of the man whom abducted my mate my mouth frothed red and rabid my body rejecting what was trying to take control and in the process making me lose and cough up blood and black goo which just slunk back to me absorbing back into my skin. I stood in front of my mate and only love of my life as I glanced back at him. 

"I'm so sorry mei amore  I don't know how I could ever be forced to forget you. I remember now though, I remember now."

I coughed blood up again as tears streamed down my face and black sludge lodged in my throat. I drew my attention back to my mates captor my teeth sharpening to the fine points I was well acquainted to as the poked past my lip naturally and I lunged for him with fierce might aiming for his throat and latched on with resolve. Somewhere in the background I heard chains being snapped and torn in two. My body was slung to the side and away as where had I been moments ago a dagger was  launched and thrown at me. I ducked down and stalked like how I was familiar with my eyes going fogy red as faces blurred together as the same enemy as I shook it and coughed more sludge up lodging further inside my throat. I aimed for the kids legs taking a chunk out throwing him to the ground as I grabbed his throat again shaking it out and crushing it. He laughed cynically chocking on his own blood as Alexander and I were thrown against a stone wall and the life left his eyes. I turned my gaze to Alexander as he held a pained look on his face smiling past it and I crawled over to him collapsing against his strong and firm shoulder as I pressed my soft velvet lips against his chapped dry ones tears streaming down my face as well as his from what I gathered.

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