Chapter 10 Kai prov at School

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(Kai prov)

*After Skye had injected me with her venom I had to wait a minute before I could move since it was extremely strong. It was funny how Skye had gone from a quiet wallflower to a more outgoing persona. She wasn't a social butterfly, neither was I however she was far nicer to people than I was. I got up once the minute was up. Skye and I had tendency to kill each other while wrestling,I remember the first time that had happened it was freaky as hell having your neck snapped we were both six at the time Skye still drank my blood what we didn't know was she was also injecting venom into my blood stream which has healing properties so when my neck snapped it re-snapped back in place and my soul was jerked back into my body.Let me tell you it isn't a fun experience it's like having limbs removed without anything to numb your limb. Well it's time to go to school soon, it's really a pain no matter how rude I am to the female population they just keep coming back like the plague! Not to mention I have to keep my little sister away from those testosterone pumped males. Skye and I tended to keep to ourselves Lilly was almost out of high school. We talked with our cousin a bit yeah,but mostly kept to ourselves Skye was extremely sensitive to light I was too,but not like Skye was she had to wear special contacts which were primarily acting as sunglasses nothing else since we couldn't wear sunglasses in school. I went up into my room to go shower. I came out of the shower ten minutes later I chose a simple white shirt and jeans I left a few of the shirt buttons down Skye and I really didn't like cloths all too much I drug my hand through my hair fluffing it so it would dry faster I left my hair a rugged look though my hair was shorter since I had come here and learned about something called a hair cut. I grabbed my cellphone and knocked on Skye's door she was jamming out to some soft song I knocked again and he came out with her hair in knots.*

"Need some help sis?"


*Skye pulled me into her room which was a forest type of paint and the ceiling was filled with stars and constellations my room was much the same. I sat Skye down on her chair and looked around her room for a hair clip and found one I brought that through her tangled hair and it slowly became less tangled and began to get waves in it. She hated when I did this,but since her brush was flushed down a toilet I didn't have much else to use.*

"Ok,there done no more tangls."


*Skye grabbed her phone took a look around her room then pulled me on out of her room.*

"Come on Kai out of the house we go,we don't want to be late for class."

"Yeah,yeah,yeah I know."

*Skye dragged me down the stairs and out the door. We rushed through forest at inhuman speed to the school our house was about a two hour drive from the school,but running only ten minutes. We made it in front of the school. My hair was dry and Skye's wind blown...she shook her head dislodging some twigs and leaves then brought her hand through her hair and her hair looked calm again. We walked out from the woods and walked down into the school. Girls whispered as we walked by and guys stopped for a second then continued talking.*

"Hey Kai,I am going to go look around by myself so see you in homeroom."

"Ok,if you need me just yell."

"Bro seriously I will be fine."

*With that Skye walked off to do her thing so I was left alone to do my thing. I walked around a bit then found the commons and found it to be surprisingly vacant I walked up to a tree and jumped into its branches and sat scrolling through my phone. I heard some chatting as some girls walked underneath where I was sitting an then sat down under the tree.*

"Did you see those new kids?"

"Yeah,that guys was pretty hot. I wonder how old he was."

"Same. Wouldn't it be cool if he was single?"

"Definitely then I could get some better credit at school not to mention if we are lucky some fun."

*Ok so far just from what I can tell they would be the popular/slut crowd. I continued typing on my phone making random notes when a call came through from Skye. The girls below me looked up as my ringtone went blaring with wolves howling.*

"Hey something wrong Skye?"

"Where are you at?"

"The commons."

"K I will be they in a sec."

"Sure watch your back though."

"Ahh got it,see ya in a sec."

*The call ended at that I jumped down from the tree with ease landing away from the sluts.*

"Hi there,your new here.So what's your name and wanna have some fun with us?"

"Yes I am new here obviously,and it doesn't matter what my name is, and no I don't want to have fun with you "

*I walked up to a door and saw Skye running up to it I opened it so she wouldn't crash into it.*

"Ok,I found our...."

"Who is she,your girlfriend? You could do soooo much better than her like better meaning us."

"No she isn't she is my sister,and your wrong I could do so much better than you three and unlike you three she isn't a slut. Now what were you saying dear sister?"

"I found homeroom."

"Ok,let's go head there then."

*Skye and I left,leaving the sluts standing shocked.*

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