Chapter 35 Re-Discovered

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(Skye prov)

I had gotten out of my depressed state and now sat with my legs crossed by myself in this room. Sheki had gone out as well as Jase and Blaze. I opened a widow up feeling the cool air. I scented something outside. Somebody was hiding their scent...I saw some vampires running out after something then disappeared. I could hear the front door open and some light steps going up. I scented something spicy and an earthen smell. I poked my head around the corner and was met with a chest I ran into. I held my now throbbing nose and looked up to see who I had run into. I was shocked to see my brother, and Ashton in front of me.

"Kai, Ashton! Ohhh my batguanno your here! did you find me?"

"With the help of River which is leading a group of vampires away to but us down one to get you out of here."

I wrapped my arms around Kai in relief. Kai in turn wrapped his around me. Once Kai released me I went up to Ashton and greeted him the same way. I backed away then a little bit of anger flashed in my eyes.

"What took you so long?!"

"Shhh, keep your voice down. What took us so long was the fact that it is next to impossible to trace your disappearance, since you just don't seem to wan to give off a scent."

"Well...that is a good point."

I tilted my head a bit and heard cat like soft feet coming our way.

"What is it?"

"Somebody is coming our way."

Right as I had said that Sheki rounded the corner with a calm expressionless face. As soon as her gaze flicked to Kai and I she raised a inquisitive brow.

"Either I need glasses, or I am going crazy, but you two I could mistake as a male and female counterpart of each other."

Sheki crossed her arms across her chest in an amused manner.

"So, you were plotting an escape mission I take it?"

Suddenly the front doors swung open and a squirming small body was in the mass of muscle and bron. It appeared that ten men were needed to keep the small body continued...weird I thought vampires were stronger than that, or he is just really strong.

"Hey, boss look what we found running across our territory."

Sheki turned her head to look her arms still crossed across her chest, although she now bore an irritated look.

"Well, bring him up here, you better look around, becuase I scented another body out by the bush, bring him in, might as well make it a party, bring him in unscathed."

"Right, sure thing."

Sheki's attention was diverted back to us and the small flailing body was thrown up to us and landed with a loud *thump* I looked down at the body now recognizing it.

"River?! How the hell did you get here?"

"Same way everybody else did."

"I thought you lived in the Everglades."

"I did, but my home became compromised, so I am now in this frozen wasteland called the north freezing my hide off."

Sheki looked us all over an dlet out a small lughing huff then looked to the door right as Kai as well as my father was brought in halfway uncounsious. Something was injected into his system then he came back to life right as he was thrust into the now fully obtained group. His pupils came into focus with everything then he looked around as his eyes landed on Sheki, Sheki held an unimpressed look on her face as she looked us all over.

"My, my, what an interseing group indeed. Three fox shifters, a werewolf and a draco. Well, it isn't like you have anywhere to go, so let us talk a bit, perhaps if you humor me, then I will let you all go unscathed, after testing a few theories, then you will be free to go."

Sheki made a geture for us all to follow, and we did and wound our way into her office. She getured for us to seat ourselves on a couch, we did then she herself took up a empty chair.

"Ok, do enlighten me on your relations, if you will."

Kai spoke up beatting our father to wha the wanted to say.

"Why should we?"

"Hmm, to get to know you all better. As you can see Skye is unharmed and perfectly healthy. You can even ask her if anything was done to her without her consent."

Everybody then looked to me.

"Everything that was done, was with my consent and did nothing to my health."

Kai looked a little reluctant, but sat back in the chair and obliged to let words be spoken about our relations. My father spoke next.

"Before anything else is said, what is your name?"

"Sheki, why?"

"Do, do you know who I am?"

"Should I?"

"Yes, don't you remember?"

"No, I am afraid I have amnesia."

"Then, do you smell my scent?"

"Yes, and it is very intoxicating, why?"

"This might not be possible, but I..I don't believe it myself, but there is no mistaking it, I thought I was mistaken at first, but your..your my...mate..."

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