Chapter 6 Finally Clean!

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(Boys just are confusing me soooo much! Ughhh life is confusing in general sometimes I feel like my life is just as complicated as my books are and it drains me so much(soul leaving body) don't worry I will survive to finish all my books and keep working all the way to my death bed a life long resolve welp enjoy the book fellow feral readers)

(Alaxander prov)

*I walked into my bathroom and turned on the lights. I stood waiting for my eyes to adjust once they had done so the image in the mirror wasn't the same as what I had once seen standing in it five years ago the image in front of me was that of greasy black hair deathly pale skin a malnourished body and bags under my eyes. I gave a sigh running my fingers through my tangled hair. I jumped into the shower letting the cold water fall onto my skin. The water as it fell off of my body was brown and grimy I shampooed my hair making it sleek again and soaped my body up helping to get some color back to my body. I wrapped a towel around my torso I heard a nock on my bathroom door and opened it. James stood before me.*


"I am glad you finally took a shower bro."

"Is that all you came here to tell me?"

*I raised a brow at him and he gave a chuckle.*

"No course not I just felt I needed to inform you that Skye,your daughter isn't...a shifter."


"No she is a vampire,but it doesn't make sense since Ivy-"

*It pained me to hear her name being said so I cut James off there.*

"No,she was she was part vamp."

"She didn't drink blood though."

"No she did.Why do you think she ate meat so raw?"

"I thought she just couldn't shake that habit."

"No once I found out she was a vamp well part of it made more sense why she preferred meat so raw. So how did you find out Skye was a vamp?"

"I saw her about to drink Kai's blood before I walked in on them. Kai stopped her from drinking mine instead. He said something about if he hadn't stopped her I would have been drunk dry."

"I wonder why. Well we have some doner blood bags and some bloody raw meat in the freezer so if she gets hungry she can have some of that. What are they doing right now?"

"Currently Skye is sleeping and Kai is keeping watch and trying to figure out the tv."

"I will be down once I am dressed."

*James left after that I put some boxers and shorts on then grabbed a shirt and put it on as I was walking down the stairs. As I turned the corner my lips turns up in a small smirk. Delilah was chasing Kai around the room trying to get him into some boxers  she had corner him so he was now growling. Delilah being Delilah just lunged at him shoving him into the underwear. Whereas Skye had the underwear on her head she took it off after she saw Kai getting shove into the underwear. This scramble brought back happy memories of when Ivy was trying to be put into cloths for the first time. Delilah turned around with stars gleaming in her eyes Sky's eyes widened as she jumped behind the sofa and a few of the hysterically laughing older teen pack members. I saw some underwear go flying from behind the couch and land on the one of the occupants on the couches head. I shook my head at this as I watched long silver hair whip underneath the couch.*

(Kai prov)

*Skye slept peacefully next to me as I kept a watchful eye on some of the teen shifters. They didn't pay me much mind too absorbed in something that sounded like gun fire and a bunch of fast moving pictures on a screen. I soon began to figure out what was going on apparently the device held by the boys controlled the characters and the game they were playing was "Call of Duty",or something like that. They appeared to be versing each other I watched as they 'died' in the game when somebody shot them and they lost they would get huffy then demand a 'rematch' which I learned meant another round of the game. Skye remained oblivious the whole time sleeping with a faint smile on her lips which was never a good thing. Usually it meant she was scheming especially when she slept. Her head shot up out of my lap and a moment later Delilah Alaxander's sister came in I blinked blankly at her and Skye yawned sleepily something  major had to have woken  her up since she was an extremely heavy sleeper. Delilah came in with some weird thing in her hand stars shined in her eyes as she looked our way. I put myself between Skye and Delilah Skye was confused while I wasn't letting anything happen to my younger sister even by only a few minutes as Beta had told us. She was saying something which I didn't understand and shot out at us. Skye jumped behind the couch and Delilah threw something at her which she played around with and put on her head whereas I ran around she cornered me and I growled at her that didn't stop her though not even my teeth or claws she then put the white material on me it felt restraining and I didn't like it though Skye was my first priority. When I looked around for her all I saw was a flash of silver go under the couch which the teens were sitting on. Once Skye went into her fight or flight mode it was impossible to catch her.  Something caught the corner of my eye. The Alpha of  this pack  Alaxander seemed to have gotten cleaned up and his hair was now blond and soft looking he didn't smell as dirty and I could actually smell the power radiating off of him now whereas before I couldn't he seemed less tired and more like an alpha though he was still underweight. My eyes diverted back at he couch as some fabric went flying over the  side of the couch and landed on one of the gaming boys heads.*

(First off just to clarify no Skye and Kai aren't mates nor do they see each other anyway other than siblings Kai is just really protective of Skye that is all.)

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