Chapter 9 Ten Years Later

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(I am so sorry I didn't update sooner on any of my books,I have been sick with a tonsil infection and am now finally getting over it. So sorry I didn't update sooner,also the pic is Kai older.)

~10 years later~

(Skye prov)
"Kai where in bat guano did you hide my hair brush?!"

"I didn't touch it!"

"Aunt Rachel where is it?!"

"I didn't touch it either."

"Ughhh Lilly where is my brush!"

"Ummm I kinda sorta....flushed it down the...toilet."

"You did what?!"

"You can have mine to compensate cuz."

"That was a specially made brush! So you know how hard it is to find brushed that don't have bristles breaking and don't make my hair frizzy?"

"Pretty hard?"


"Sis relax we can always order another."

"Says the brother that doesn't even brush his hair."

"Hey you rarely brush your hair too and it like what..once in an orange moon?"

"Still when I do I want to be able to brush it..."

"Ok,what is the problem Skye?"

"Lilly flushed my brush down the toilet."

"I see...well we can just order another one,it's not a big deal."

"Yeah,I know."

"Ok,to make up for flushing your brush down the toilet how about I make you breakfast?"


*Ok so Rachel might not be my blood aunt nor Lilly blood cousin,but I had been told Rachel was very close to my mom while she was alive so thus aunt and cousin apparently my grandma was still alive last seen,but after m mom died she disappeared. My brother still hasn't shifted yet and I am obviously a vampire so it is possible Kai is one also. However we both smell like shifters so it is very confusing on normal circumstances a fox shifter would shift when they have a major life changing experience a werewolf when they are eight if thy are an alphas child and ten if they are beta then thirteen if they are a normal pack member. Then there is Kai and I par vampire part fox shifter,and to top it off werewolf as well as twins so we have no idea where we stand seeing as we are fifteen now. Our mom didn't shift till she was eighteen we got that info from Delilah and James our dad isn't willing to talk about her seeing as despite it being fifteen years he never could bring himself to talk about mom. The Lunar pack still comes to visit us when thy pass by twice a year Beta has passed away and the alpha of the Lunar pack still keeps in touch.*

"Foods done!"

*I rushed over to make sure Kai wouldn't steal my food we both had a tendency to steal each others food then fight over it. Yeah we might be fifteen,but that's how we solve disputes fighting over food! Aren't we just perfect siblings?*

"What no food for me Lilly? Just Skye?"

"Hey we have been over this when I make Skye her meal it involves blood."

*I gagged a bit at this. Yeah laugh it up a vampire that can't stand blood thankfully Lilly found a way to make it so I didn't gag or taste the blood when I ate my food how she figured that out beats me.*

"Please don't talk about blood when I am eatting."

"Right, right,I shall just take your food then sis,than you."

"Hey give it back!"

"Take it outside you two I don't feel like dealing with another 'expansion' to the pack house."

"Yeah got it dad."

"Sure thing,it is ok if I break of few if Kai's bones right?"

"Don't kill each other,it is only food."

"Hey have you even lived with the Lunar pack?"


"Good,it's every pup and elder for him or herself when it comes to food."

"Everybody rolled their eyes at this and opened the door for our tumbling bodies. I got Kai in a headlock then he turned around and yanked me off of him. I landed a few punches gaining a few cracked ribs from him in turn he kicked my feet out from under me also getting a loud crunch from bone breaking every punch kick,and trip we did gained broken bones. The whole pack had become quiet accustomed to our food quarrels and knew to leave us be it they just stood around and cheered us on. There had been only one occasion our dad had true to stop us in a food quarrel long story short we unintentionally put him in coma for a week and that was only when we were eight. Kai pinned me with a headlock however I had my legs wrapped around his head We both were cutting off circulation to our head so now it boiled down to who lost consciousness first.*

"Ohhh just stop it you two!"

(Unison) "Never!"

*The whole pack had gathered to watch our show finally I flipped Kai over with painful jerk causing a snap to sound signaling I had won. Yeah I might have snapped Kai's neck...I leaned down and poked him he gasped and jerked up causing us to collide heads. Ohh yeah one more thing apparently with how much I drink Kai's blood apparently he now can come back from the dead! However he isn't invisible either...*

"What did I tell you about killing each other in fights?!"

"Not too?"


"Ohh relax I will just inject Kai with a little more venom he will be just fine."

"Says the sister who hasn't felt what it is like getting yanked back to life."

"Your just jealous I can regenerate faster than you."


*Kai rolled his eyes at me. And I let a small laugh escape.*

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