Chapter 7 Hide and Seek

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(Skye prov)

*Sleep consumed me as I slept I had only ever had the same dream my whole life either that or a dreamless sleep. Red eyes shined and bright electric blue shine in compleat darkness whenever I tried to get closer they stayed exactly the same length away it was an eerie dream, yet calming occasionally a faint whisper would be added to the mix of my dream always to soft to understand.*


*I bolted up and awake the bright light causing me to go blind for a bit Kai seemed to be slightly startled then Delilah came in with some white pieces of fabric. Kai jumped up leading Delilah away she tossed something at me. It had three holes one at the top and two at the bottom I put it on my head and watched Kai get chased around the room. When he got cornered I took that as my que to jump behind the couch. I threw the white piece of fabric over the side and it landed on some teens heads. I squeezed myself under the couch having only an inch of space was a bit hard though since I had a small body frame I sucked in my gut and squeezed under I saw feet and heard voices from outside of the couch since I was under the couch. Next thing I know the couch gets flipped I scramble out from underneath it I moved with inhuman speed away from everybody and hid in some cold metallic things with...blood! Even the scent of frozen blood was causing me to get animalistic not to mention it smelled delicious something stopped me from digging into the bags of blood my fangs went back into my mouth and I composed myself again. It wasn't that I liked drinking blood,on the contrary it repulsed me I absolutely hated drinking it,but when my instincts take over I can't stop unless it is me drinking Kai's blood I put up a mental block so at a certain point I stop and don't drain him as well as the blood tasting bad. I hid underneath the blood so I wouldn't be seen. The place I was hiding in moved since I was well covered the thing I was hiding in closed up again now I was in darkness cold and...blood all alone. My fangs were retracting and contracting every ten seconds so my mouth was getting extremely sore my mouth was even starting to bleed. I couldn't take it any longer I jumped out surprising some people who were standing around the food area.*

"Why is there a little girl in the freezer?!"

*I blinked blankly processing what they said then shook my head from ice that had formed in my hair and on my skin. I scanned the room for any traces of Kai none. I ran through doors opening an closing them quickly I was creating a vacuum effect with how quickly u was moving though no traces of Kai when I stopped running my feet were pulled out from underneath me and Delilah with messed up hair made a quick movement and put something too big for me over m head and it hung down all the way to my ankles.*

"Yes I found Skye! I even got some cloths on her!"

*So is that what this thing is cloths? My eyes darted around the hallways I ran again trying to find Kai. As I ran down hallways I left skid marks from stopping and turning so suddenly as well as loud bangs from doors opening and closing. I fell down on my back panting from exostion from my futile search.*

'Where in bat guano are you Kai!'

*My brother came around a corner in a similar attire to myself except he had a plain white top cloths piece as well as a blue bottom cloths peice.*

'They got you too Skye I see. Did they hurt you if they did I am-'

'I am fine though where have you been?!'

'Looking for you I got lost and when I saw you,you had already turned the corners.'

*I held my hand out for Kai to help me up which he did. My stomach was now growling from using so much energy so quickly. I think I lost ten pounds just from running at full speed in only five minutes.*

'Hungry again?'

'I am fine.'

*In contradiction to my words my stomach gave another grumble.*

'Tell that to your stomach.'

'Like I said I am fine. For now we need to talk to the about some stuff that needs to be cleared up.'

'Yes but-'

'Come on let's get a move on it and find him.'

*Kai rolled his eyes and squat down for me so I could get a free ride. I jumped onto him back and he walked on trying to figure out by scent where he went while I focused on keeping my fangs in my mouth.*

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