Chapter 40 Anger and Frustration

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(Kai prov)

My sister had suddenly dissipated and I was left with Ember by which still refused to come out from the lava lake.

"Ok look, same thing Violet said this mentality thing is getting hard to keep up so your gonna be on your own, have fun and try not to lose your mind in your well...mind."

I was suddenly sucked into apparently my inner most mind according to Ember. If it was possible even more fire was lit, although it seemed to be more wild and out of control. I began to wonder through my mind trying to figure out what was going on. I came to a part of it I had never been too, here it seemed the flames were nothing but ash and mud with the occasional ember or two rather coals at this point. It slowly began to turn off into snow with grass struggling to poke through for spring. I came upon the form of a woman with fox ears and a tail, by which had snow colored hair tipped with black at the ears and tail, her skin was equally pale if only a few shades darker her teeth were incredibly sharp looking and she held so much anger in her small form. Her eyes began to flash a deep shade of red as her canines grew even longer and her nails extended if only a few inches. The stranger she was fighting was taunting her, she struck with extreme precision aimed however missed every time. It appeared her blows were being held back for some reason as each time she dove downward her body was stopped and move a few inches away avoiding the knife blade aimed at her stomach. Something seemed to enrage her further at this point my whole body felt warm with rage I could feel the snow melting beneath my feet as I walked up to the fight. Her combatant came towards her as she moved he came at me the knife hit me and...passed right through me. He flung around facing her again. She suddenly got stabbed all over and her breathing became labored and her mouth began to foam. Something changed in her vision and she ran off leaving me in a complete rage as the face of the man vanished just like the mysterious woman. I was left shaking with how much rage I was in I felt my teeth lengthen suddenly. I felt a slightly cooler warmth wrap around me with what felt like reluctance shrouding me in warm orange with yellow and blue light.

(Ashton prov)

I was getting quiet annoyed with whatever was happening Kai and Skye were in that chamber for about five hours now with there aurora shifting between something seen and nothing at all Skye had a dark purple whereas Kai held a orange glow. It was quite off to say the least. I looked over at River who was watching with a somewhat knowing look in his eyes as to what was happening. I leaned down to whisper in his ear my question.

"Hey, it like like you know what is going on, care to explain to me?"

"Yeah, ask me what you want to know."

River looked a little uncomfortable by how close I was to him so he moved over a little. I also noticed a slightly light red blushed tinge to his face. I would talk to him later for now my focus was on my friends.

"What exactly is with that weird glow they are emitting and what is happening to them?"

"That glow is their fox spirit being close to them either making or breaking connections. As to what is currently happening by the way their aurora has suddenly spiked it means they are close to shifting, however shifting for fox shifter is much harder than it is for any other shifter, the pain involved is a thousand times a thousand times worse than that of any first time shift even a fist time shifter getting stuck between a shift is feeling a better effect than a fox shifter because it takes extreme emotion to help keep the shift moving forward otherwise if their fox isn't entirely into helping them shift to get them past their sudden spur in emotion then they can be stuck between a shift for millennia until that spur of emotion comes again. Quit honestly what Sheki is doing is more than safe with the mist, the chemicals as I have now identified are so fine and consent that it will keep them moving forward with their shift so once their shift starts it will only strengthen so their shift is more than safe, if the mist doesn't get active enough in a set amount of time and their shift hadn't started then it will stop; giving their bodies time to recover then start to work again. Quiet honestly I wish I had know about this for my fist shift, that stuck shift I went through could have been stopped. Like my name states I was in extreme tranquility for my shift so once that was Lost I was stuck in a miniature morph which basically looks like a hairless fox alien thing, not to mention it is excruciating, I had to deal with being like that for fifty years before I found complete tranquility letting my fist shift become complete."

"I had no idea so many factors were in play for a fox shifter to shift. Not to mention how dangerous it was, so I assume water is your higher affinity for your shift."


"So what about Ivy that had two foxes how does that work, and what would her affinity have been?"

"Well the cold would have been Snow which associates as a sub category of water and as for Ash a sub category of fire so that with her natural temperament means her personality was beyond mixer even more so that trail mix."

"That is so...informing."

"Yes, the worst part for the twins is yet to come right now their foxes are calming their senses and giving them whatever it is they need to shift before the real pain begins and that can take five seconds to who knows how long for the shift to be complete and each bone resizes either rapidly or very slowly like baby bones slowly fusing together which would be painless until the spine hits and they start to arch downward or one bone at a time shifts fast enough for it to be painful, but slow enough for it to last a long time on that single pain, we can only hope it is an under hour shift, but it again depends on how close the fox spirit is with its host body."

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