Chapter 25 Missing Skye

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"Uhhhhh...I feel kinda weird..."

"How do you feel?"

"I don't know..."

*I suddenly felt my body give a snap and I was lurched back into my body gasping for breath. I looked around seeing a dark damp room with a small thin mattress which I was laying on as well as a bucket and chains wrapped around my hands and feet binding me to the wall. My wrists and ankles stung from where I was bound. At least there wasn't any light in here so that was good for my health at least.*

"Ahh so lil' miss sleepy finally wakes up from the sedation ehh?"

"Who are you?! What do you want with me?"

"My name doesn't mater, you little dove, will be sold on the black market as a pet and or I will keep you here as bait and revenge, more likely black market purposes."

"Why, I am not anybody special just a vampire, which I know the majority are vampires."

"Ahh that is where you are wrong little dove, I once knew your grams and your mother I once fought."

"So you were the bastard that killed her?!"

"More or less, she surcame to death herself I barely even got a stab in."

"You still stabbed her."

"Mhmm I did, you my pretty little dove, should be more concerned on your own well being not the past."

"Ha, the past betters one for the future."

"In some cases yes, but in yours it doesn't."

*The cell door was opened and the man came up to me and shoved. A needle into my neck. My vision became blurred and everything was moving in slow motion and out of focus. My body felt numb,but I had a minimal knowledge on what was going in around me.*

"Good, now you won't be any trouble when going to auction, a small concoction murkery powder mixed with iron and a elephant  tranquilizer. Since fox shifters only have one weakness that can kill in high quantities, the tranquilizer a will make you sedated,but not under and the I torn is to just make the murkery dilute so it won't kill ya. Took a bit to make the equation none threatening, but I finally perfected it. Did you know the market for fox shifter especially young ones is quiet high the starting price goes for a billion and increase from there.*

"Yur..a ick man.."

"Now, now, speaking is virtually impossible or it comes out weird so I recommend not speaking."

*The chains I was in were yanked up an I was blindfolded and gagged. I could barely move without falling over and I could feel a majority of my weight being pushed onto the man since I could barely stand. I was lead into a room and sat down much to my relief. My head was pounding and my body was beginning to become hot in pain. My blindfold was ripped off and my eyes were exposed to dull lighting and one big spotlight directed on me. A different man was holding a microphone and wording was slowly getting lost. I don't think Kai would even be able to break through the haze I am in even if he used all his energy to try and locate me.*


"Ok, I am getting worried. I can't even feel our sibling link."

"You mean the one where you know where the other is at all times or at lead general location?"

"Yes, that one!"

"We need to tell your dad."

"Yes, we do. I am afraid the worst had happened to her."

*Fear enveloped my body. The sibling bond was hazy and I tried to focus with all my might on looking through Skye's eyes which wasn't that hard normally. I had a second of imagery blurred with lights then nothing the link what felt like vanished. Ashton came running out with my father. My dad made a straight bee line  towards me.*

"How long has she been missing for?!"

"I started to look for her five hours ago, she wasn't declared missing up until a few minutes ago."

"What about your sibling bond?"

"It is blurred and I can't even make anything out nor pin point her location."

"No..history can't repeat itself."

*My fathers voice was vacant as if re-living a event too frightening to even imagine.*

"What do you mean history repeats itself? This has happened before?!"

"Yes...with your mother, when she was found she was so close to death she went into comma for two years though not before ripping several limbs from people.  She wound up in the end disposing of her father which had tried to kill her, however I don't have any idea on who would teen nape Skye nor for what purpose nor reason. Do you?"

"Sadly no, she is an introvert and the only people she talks too are me Ashton and other family attending school then the pack members."

"Then we have no clues as to who could have taken her."

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