Chapter 34 The Search for Skye Comes Closer to Close

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"She also is in a way like  a mad scientist...except she doesn't kill her experiments, she is much too careful for that."

*I felt a shadow fall over my form then I looked behind me seeing tanned skin, then I saw golden eyes and flaming red hair. I blinked a the tall form making my form look even smaller than it actually was.*

"Why is everybody so damn tall!!!!"

*The much taller form than me jumped back from surprise and I crossed my arms over my puffy coated chest. *

"Sorry to break it to you kiddo, your just short."

"I am not a kid! I am much older than you!!"

"Right, right and I am the kind of England."

"Hate to break it to you Ashton, he is older than you. So it is advisable not to antagonize him."

"How in the world is he older than me?! He looks too young to be older than me!"

"I, my flaming haired giant am...wait you do trust him right?"

*I turned my gaze over to Kai and he nodded with a bit of an irritated look.*

"Well, I am what Kai here is."

"I thought they were the only ones left..."

"Not entirly, only twins ever, as well as Kai and I being the only intact male fox shifters so that would make Skye the only female intact fox shifter the others either a)lose their minds, or B) go on living with the ability to still sift just without their fox spirit."

"Soooo....why are you so short is that a fox thing or..."

"Yes it is. I would love to give you a scientific autonomy class on fox shifters, but I am afraid I dont have the time for that since Skye is still missing and I regret to say this, but she is most likely in the hands of the most powerful person here."

"You mean the guy seven feet tall with a comodo dragon and blood thirst eyes?!"

"Umm...what kind of guano have they been feeding you?!"


"No, female shorter than me, blood red eyes that seem to suck at your soul, as for the comodo dragon, who is to say."

"That is the total opposite of the description that was given!"

"Hey, not my fault the Intel was wrong."

(Alexander prov)

*How could I have let this happen?! Why does it seem everybody I love and care about is slowly getting ripped away from me slowly, person by person? What have I done to deserve this and what have the people around me done to deserve that? I looked over and saw Kai, Ashton and River talking about how they had found somebody that could have, no most likely teen-napped Skye. I walked over to them with tired eyes. River as I had come to know as a fox shifter jumped as he felt my presence behind him.*

"What is it with  you people and getting behind me?!  Are you trying to give me a heart attack? If so you are almost there!"

*I watched as Kai patted his back comfortingly then removed his hand.*

"Remind me how you are older than me again."

"Fox shifters unless killed some way, somehow can live to see the end of the world."

"Yet you still haven't found your mate?"

"....I wouldn't be able to tell even if I did..."

*I looked at the now morbid looking River then his personality did  a 360 and went back to optimistic.*

"Anyway, if we want to find Skye then it is best to start looking now before the trail gets cold, I only have so much intell to give on the matter."

*I watched as River, Kai, and Ashton toook the lead following behind River as he made his way into the woods. We were all walking for hours it seemed then River stopped and looked around.*

"Well, this is as far as I can find the trail leading."

*Ashton scanned the area then sniffed and started to walk Kai followed close behind him. Soon after a god couple miles of walking a huge mansion came into view. It reaked of vampires to say the least. Kai was about to charge in when River grabbed his arm and told him something too soft to catch and he froze, gave a angry look then exhaled and let River go in front.*

"What did he tell you Kai?"

"If I am not careful then they might end up hurting Skye even if she may have caught the clan leaders attention."

*I watched as River began to shed his cloths and his form began shaking from the cold. He slit his wrist and lead a trail away from us. Some vampires came rushing out and began running after the quickly fleeting River. Now was our chance. Kai and Ashton went inside while I kept watch outside masking my scent in the snow and trees. Now it was up to Ashton and Kai to find Skye. Something caught my attention in a upper window that was open and a scent hit me...blood, snow..and something else...what was it?*

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