Chapter 23 Spirit Travel Pt 2

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(Skye prov)

"Ok, well I can honestly say we have one of the most confusing family relations."
(authors response to that: Not as much as in Feral Love)

"Well kido, you haven't even seen the stuff I have seen the past two millennium then cause it was far more confusing back then than it is now."

"This is exactly why Ashton has so much trouble when he comes over cause family keeps popping up left and right and he just cant compute with it."

"You have a point Kai. No more family is aloud to start popping up!"

"Well don't jinx yourself. Well I need to start heading back out and take care of some business."

"Snow and I need to go too. No telling what shes up too now..."


"Well...its complicated. All that is really clearly know us she is notorious now and if our theories are right we know who killed your mom..."

" do?"

"We aren't certain, but the likely hood of it being true is very high."

*On that note Ash and Snow left in a white snow flurry and our grandmother gave a pained look then left going the direction south.*

"Well I am just going to go lay down outside. I wanna practice something wake me when it is night."

* I walked away and sat in a hollowed out tree and closed my eyes as sleep took me. I walked up from my body and around everything was blurred and slow compared to me. I took off at a run and quickly ran over salty water and warm re pressed against my skin. I found what I was looking for. A green eyed boy with black hair was sitting on a ridge watching the sea. I came up behind him and tapped him on his shoulder. He whipped his head around and flashed sharp teeth. He grabbed my hand which shocked me since when I tapped him prior my hand went through.*

"Who are you?!"

"Skye, you told me to come back on my own accord."

"...ohh I remember now. So you figured out spirit travel did you?"

"Not really..."

"You figured it out enough to get here."

"So where exactly is here?"

"Florida. The keys to be exact on a little know island. Unless the world has shifted some more then I am somewhere near a jungle... You?"

"North Dakota."

"Well that certainly is a big difference. You don't by chance know of any other fox shifters do you?"

"Yes I do, intact you then none intact my grandmother and then my mother which my brother and I never knew gave up her foxes so they wouldn't die with her."

"Do you know who killed her?"

"No, but her foxes might."

"Plural as in more than one?"

"Yes my brother as well as my grandmother gave up her fox to our mother so she wound up having two."

"That's pretty cool. I didn't realize that was possible, but if you aren't intact then what happened to your fox?"

"I never had one I am part fox shifter, but I am a vampire then my brother I don't really know."

"How old are you?"


*The boy gave a almost knowing smile towards me.*

"Well, your fox doesn't come until something life changing happens or upon strong emotion for the first time since we live so long our conditions are different than any other shifter. The likely hood of a person with a strong lineage of fox shifter blood showing signs of other species is very high especially before shifting for the first time. You probably do have a fox along with your brother if your mom was a fox shifter. What about your father and grandparents?"

"Wolf shifter for our dad and his parents then fox shifter for my moms mom and vampire for her father."

"Hmm still a 99.99% chance you are a fox shifter.  Although the vampire dilutes the blood it still is inferior to fox blood as well as the wolf shifter. Fox blood is rarer, but if present enough then it is dominate although with at least seventy five percent of the blood being fox that is."

"Well yeah genetics. Would ensure it would be dominate with seventy five percent as the odds."

"Point. Been awhile since I was updated."

"How old are you?"

"Only half a millennia so not that old."

" call that not that old?"

"For fox shifters course then you being fifteen and all it makes you a baby."

"You have a baby face also though."

"Of course all fox shifters do we don't age past thirty at the oldest on average it stops at twenty one or sometimes eighteen only extremely old fox shifters would look forty that would make them in at least a billion years or so. The oldest fox shifter that isn't intact. currently is about...thirty in human physical terms and in years two millennia the air is she is a bit crazy apparently her daughter was bat crazy and grew up with wolves nobody is certain, but it is possible she had twins!  Then first five years they grew up with her same pack she was alpha of and now...well nobody is certain the recent word on the wind is the supposed twins fight so much they wind up killing each other and come back to life freaky right?!"

*My face went blank at that.*

"What's wrong?"

"You just described my family in perfect detail. Not a beat was skipped."

"You mean..."

"Yeah the twin thing was true my mom is true from what I heard then my grandmother is undeniably bat shit crazy."

"You talk so freely bout her too..."

"She knows it I know it anybody knows it first time meeting her the only person that doesn't know it would be my deceased mother since she was Legally Feral."

(Author smirks at puny ending. This is why I call us my feral readers in all mei books cause five out of ten have feral in the name😜 stay feral my friends!)

Word change brought to ya by that old guy in the beer commercial...sry I am bad with celebrity names...

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