Chapter 20 Fighting Among the Treeo

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(Skye prov)

"I wanna sleep though!"

"You have been sleeping all day up till now!"

*I looked outside seeing the sun shinning brightly.*

"For the love of Guanno,Kai I am n.o.c.t.u.r.n.a.l!"

*I threw a pillow at Kai hitting him square on the face.*

"Ughh what do you have to be so difficult Skye!"

"Me difficult your the one that's difficult!"

'Umm Skye,Kai-'

(Unison) "shuttup!"

*Ashton looked taken back then angry.*

"Don't start yelling at me!"

"No, your the ones that's difficult Ashton!"

"Me difficult?! Your the one who always tries to kill us when we wake you up,Skye!"

"Yeah Skye what is with that?!"

"Maybe I do that because I am moody and or I don't get enough  sleep because I am nocturnal and school is durning the day!"

"What is why you adjust your sleep pattern!"

"I have tried that multiple times, besides what is it with you trying to take my food all the time?!"

"I am a guy I am always hungry!"

"Do you know what that does to my matabolism?! I wind up getting so starved due to me fighting you;killing you then bringing you back to life, that I wind up starving myself then when Ashton offers me blood I wind up almost killing him!Ohh yeah Ashton, why the f*ck do you do that in the first place you know how hard it is for me to control my hunger even when I am not hungry!"

"Enough! Why is everybody yelling?!"

*I looked over seeing white hair and blue and green eyes of my gran gran.*

"Stay out of this!"

*I was getting extremely pissy right now and one wrong  move would set me off.*

"Don't speak to me with that tone young lady!"

*That was the breaking point for me, I was tired, hungry and extremely pissy right now. My canine teeth lengthened my brown contacts were now shinning an intense fusion no longer hidden by the contacts. I was about to lung forward to attack although I was tackled first by both Kai and Ashton. I felt one grab my arms the other my legs. I turned around in their grasp feeling bones snap as I twisted unnaturally. Snapping them  so I was now out of their grasp and my bones reconnected. Ashton's eyes shined a bright orange and Ashton's a mix between firery red and icy blue. We rammed through the door splintering it as we started to fight outside. I bit Ashton's leg taking a chunk out, he let out a cry of war mixed with pain then yanked my arm sharply behind my back. His leg began to heal. I twisted out with my arm still awkwardly broken then met Kai in a headlock. I held his head between my thighs in a vise and Ashton's head between my arms. Both men fought to get free all they managed was to take chunks of my flesh off. I retaliated  with a tighter squeeze cutting off a good amount of airflow. Kai twisted my leg snapping it as he got free pinning me down to the ground. Ashton got free and attacked Kai blinded by rage and fury I jumped up and went into the bundled mess of blood, sweat, and pure rage. I felt more snapping this time it felt excruciating. I heard Kai give a yelp too dropping out of the fight as well as myself. Ashton  was left panting with rage still in his eyes which simmered down as he looked confused at Kai and I. I took deep breaths calming my heart rate back down to a steady pace as my rage passed. Kai did the same we both dropped down to the ground Ashton came between us and crouched. We all started to break out laughing.*

"You look like crap Ashton, your no better Kai!"

*My voice was light and cheery.*

"You think we look like crap, look who's talking several of your limbs are twisted close to falling off not to mention your face is all black and blue and you have a swollen eye!"

"Yeah, Kai your missing a chunk of your arm and both of your eyes are almost swollen shut. Ashton you have a swollen lip and a swollen eye not to mention a chunk of your leg is missing!"

*We all began laughing and a confused gran gran stood watching. Kai's and my dad came out with a tired look on his face.*

"I hope you know I have work I have to do, right?"

(Unison) "Sorry"

"Ok, somebody mind telling me what happened?"

"Those three over there like to get at each others throats and tend to cause a lot of physical harm to each other just, they normally don't get this battered and bloody. It is their extreme way of working out their differences and problems. Only Skye and Kai are the ones to do it Ashton usually; meaning this is the first time he got drawn into the fighting doesn't get involved. So what was it about this time, food, privacy, attention to detail?"

"Umm....what was it about again?"

"I don't remember."

"Don't look at me I was trying to recover from getting strangled when I tried to break your yelling up and got brought into this mess."

"Really?! Why don't you solve your problems like normal people with rock paper scissors or a coin toss?"

"That would be boring though!"

*I looked over towards the woods sensing a...very...familiar presence  I couldn't place it though. When I looked over I saw red and blue eyes staring back at me.*

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