Chapter 8 Brotherly Love

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(Skye prov)

*Man how big is this place anyway? Kai had walked down so many hallways I ended up having  to close my eyes so I wouldn't get sick from confusion.*

'Do you smell him Skye?'

'Ummm....yes turn down here.'

'I still don't see how you can tell the difference of scents they all smell the same here.'

'Their blood doesn't.'

*My fangs retracted out completely  leaving three inch fangs to protrude.*

'Please wait a bit.'

'I can and will.'

*My fangs went back to their normal length.*

'Ok walk down in here and we have where we need to be.'

*Kai put his free hand on the knob and turned it his hand slipped a few times then he curled his hand and managed to open it. Our father looked up from his white thing in his hands, his eyes gave a quick flash of something I couldn't recognize then Kai walked in without being asked in.*

'Skye please translate if you can.'


*Kai told me what to say. I gave a nod then though of how to say it.*

"Why not know have kids?"

"Your mother,she didn't show at all and she was covered in her own blood as well as another's so it was hard to tell not to mention we had only mated three months prier to her death."

*I gave a nod then translated for Kai and continued with the questions.*

"We going to live here?"

"I would like you too,so yes."

"Kai a were also?"

"I would suspect yes."

*I nodded it was hard for me to translate things correctly however a little practice and it could be perfected.*

"Are you two hungry?"

*I looked at Kai he was battling internally then exhaled and nodded yes. Our father gave a faint smile then nodded getting up from his seat and moving around motioning for us to follow him. Kai went ahead of me and I followed behind him. Our father motioned for us to take a seat on something that other people were sitting on. A chair I think. Our father moved swiftly pulling something out from the freezer as well as a few other places, he had a flame going then some incredible aroma filled the room. (Yeah just imagine the meat already thawed)
He pulled  a piece off first then another two minutes latter and put it on another  piece of  glassy clay he put it in front of us the bloodier one in front of me and the less bloodied one in front of Kai though equally raw just less bloody. I bit into the meat and saw an incredibly white fox with black tips running and a black thin flame on the neck running chasing the caribou wolves were running with her I felt a sense of happiness then the image vanished as quickly as it had come. I looked down at the meat and took other bite,nothing. Kai was poking his meat with a sharp pointed nail I gave a smirk and hooked the meat onto my nail dragging it over. Kai let out a playful growl at me and launched himself off his chair landing on me I bunny kicked him he obviously let me push him off I leaped onto him and we began our wrestling match we eventually went full out we knocked a few chairs over as they laid as well as crashing around us. Finally Kai and I called it a draw with us  with poking each other. Kai took back his meat and dug into eatting  it without a second thought and I pulled my meat off of the clay as well without a second thought something about this meat tasted really...gosh I can't describe it. I felt my eyes change color and my fangs elongate. Kai looked over and reacted quickly by grabbing two pieces  of his meat and put it on  my fangs so I couldn't get it off for whatever reason it took me forever to get meat off when he did that. I started to lick my fangs trying to get the meat off my eyes changed back to a fusia violet. Kai had a rough cracked sound laugh from his voice not being used like that before as he continued on eatting. I shot him a glare then focused back on my fangs trying to keep them from retreating,because then it would take even longer to get the meat off. My fangs ended up retreating since I had little to no control over my fangs I tried clawing the meat out,but it wouldn't come out even with my pointed nails. Kai ended up having a airy chuckle then pulled the meat out with ease.*

'I really do hate you sometime ya know right?!'

'Ohh no,ya love me and you know it lil sis.'

'Only by minutes!'

'Still older than you!'

*I gave a huff at this and crossed my arms over my chest.*

'Dominate males.'

*I barley gave  an audible  whisper after that.*

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