Chapter 31 Pack Meets RIver

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'Ok, I found some info out on the group, they are somewhere in Florida according to the information I have on them.'

'Ok, that is good, Kai has some people down there right now in search on some information on her disappearance.'

'Ok, that is good, good luck on finding Skye.'

'Thanks, we will need it.'

"Ok, Kai, we are on the right path to finding Skye."

"That is a small relief, but we haven't found her yet, I just hope she isn't hurt and in pain."


*Ughh, this is going to be difficult. I moved stealthily  with my small body frame. Even male fox snifters were small in body structure. normally only ever getting at the tallest five nine five ten for males then even shorter for females. It was just how we were made. I peeked over the side as the group were playing cards, some of my fox features coming forth I sat crouched upon the glass ceiling hidden in a shadow.*

"Damn sham we couldn't get that fox shifter up in Canada!"

"Hey remember that other one we had at one point, he got away though. Who would have though fox shifters were still alive. Apparently the one we had prior was sopost to be the last. Not to mention the ones that are still around and lose their foxes wind up losing their minds."

"What was that group that bought that female though?"

"Don't know the name, but they are sopost to be some kinda blood and organ taker group or so I hear. Apparently quiet brutal and their leader is even worse."

*I felt glass starting to shatter. My pupils became slitted, the glass shattered beneath my feet and I came crashing down onto the group of men, well the table anyway. cards flew up and game chips flew into the air leaving a clatter behind. I jumped to my feet feeling the glass cutting me feet up as I stood.*

'Hey its that fox shifter we caught several hundred years back, get em!!'

*People lunged for me, but I avoided their grabby hands slicing my feet up more as I ran on glass and embedded it into my feet. I ran into a wall and sunk my nails in and climbed it. I busted through a window and dove down into the salty water. I began swimming quickly leaving a light trail of blood in the water as I swam. I came up a couple states over, Texas I believe. I sat panting on the sandy muddy ground. I removed the glass and my feet healed over nicely.*

'Lovely going, almost getting us caught AGAIN River!'

'Shush it spring, it is to help find Skye.'

'Whatever, just trace the spirit trail around til you find Kai, we cant go back our location is compromised, man I hate cold weather.'

"As do I."

*I took off at a sprint moving faster than any mythical creature could move to find the spirit trail that was made.*


*I sat with papers scattered around me with possible leads, none of them really revealing anything and all pointing to one thing, the third glass and smoke group. I heard some commotion going on outside and I met my father and Ashton surrounding a small group of warriors holding a struggling body between them all. My father and I spoke at the same time.*

"What is going on here?!"

"We found somebody trespassing on our territory, fast little bugger."

"Would you all flipping release me?! I top ALL of you in age you might be larger and more muscular, so what I have age over you!"

*The warriors parted revealing a tiny body among the six foot giants. All of which took six to keep the small five eight frame to the ground and pinned.*

"Kai, tell them to release me, I have information for you."


"Yeah, who else would it be, I certainly am not a fairy!"

"You could pass for one though."

"Ha,ha yeah I could, then so could you."

"Release him, he isn't a threat."

*The warriors released him with reluctance, but still kept a close eye in him.*

"What are you doing up here, I though you didn't like the cold?"

"I don't, I despise it. I have some information involving Skye though."

"What is it?!"

"She is somewhere in Canada with a vampire group."

"She is so close to us. Just over the border."

*My father spoke up next.*

"How do we know you arent lying?"

"One of the last intact fox shifters round aside from Kai and Skye. Both of which are twins...then there was Ivy, feral yes, but she was an awesome alpha. Met her once when she was looking for pack territory. Nice lil thing then, she was about five at that time now that I  think about it. I wouldn't forsaken my own kind."

"Well, we can only go  there and see for ourselves and continue the serch there."

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