Chapter 46 Cabinet Discovery

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(Ashton prov)

It was sad seeing Alexander the way he was it was quiet depressing. His mate whom he thought was dead turns out to  be alive but then doesn't remember him or anything about her past. Skye had been gone awhile and Kai was still calming his father down  and Lilly was looking some papers and notes over so that left just River and I. I looked over at him. I didn't beleive him to be a hundred. There was no possible way at all...then again Lilly was two millennium so I had better start believing that River is a hundred something. The height diffrence though....he is so short. As if hearing my thoughts River turned to me with a murdurouse look on his face.

"What about my height, hmmm?"

Scary,so scary

"I didn't say anything, you must be imagining things."

" thought about it though..."

So...scary... River wound up folding his arms as he looked up at me.

"Don't think cause I am small doesn't mean I can't do some serious damage cause I can."

"Right, an I don't doubt that. Hey, don't you think Skye had been gone awhile?"

"She has, you worried?"

"I don't know, it is like I have a bad feeling but it is eerily calm..."

"Hmm...she was in danger but not life threatening..."

"What do you mean she was in danger?!"

"I mean what I said. She was in danger which is that bad feeling then that calm means she wasn't in danger to kill her."

"How would you know?"

River poked my chest with surprising strength.

"I have been around possibly longer than you have so I have know and learned a few things in that time, would you not agree?"

"I can't deny that possibility."

"Well, let's go check on her to be on the safe side, k."

River winked at me then took off down the halls to go find Skye. We found her and she had a large purple bruise around her neck in the shape of a hand. River ran over to her while I put myself between River Skye and Sheki,Ivy..whoever her name was.

"What happened here?!"

Skye spoke up

"A little heart to heart and truth is all. I know what I wanted to know and am stated. I am going to go discuss something with my grandmother now. See ya round."

River tried to keep Skye still but she moved out of his grasp and shifted running out of the room leaving River, Sheki...Ivy...I am just going to go with Ivy and I alone together.River stood up and stood next to me and spoke.

"So, what happened here?"

"Skye and I were talking then a blank and you guys came in."

"Ahh, are you sure there was a blank and that 'blank' wasn't just suppressed memory from what had happened?"

"It's...quiet ...possible."

"Atta girl, start taking more control of yourself so stuff like that doesn't happen again, k?"


I looked at River impressed on how he was handling the situation.

"If you are not stated Ashton let's go find something warm, I am cold as frozen shit over here."

"Yeah, or~ I can warm you up myself."

"Nope, my arse is off limits. I am sticking with soup or tea."

"River, I meant I could hold you to warm you up, but getting a piece of the ass to warm you up sounds much better."

"Ok, please take that into another room. As cute as that is I do have work I have to do if I can still even do it."

"Yup, bye.Ashton we are leaving and I am going to give you a whooping for even thinking that up."

River pulled me out then once around the corner he literally jumped up and smacked me upside the head.

"Owwwwww, so brutal."

"That is minor compared to what I could do if you weren't so damn tall!"

"Nope, your just so damn short."

My voice held a teasing tone, but I just saw my life flash before my eyes as River pounced on me and started be beat me with a newspaper. Where he got it, I will never know.

"Bad, *gets hit with newspaper*bad,*gets hit with newspapper*bad,*gets hit with newspaper* bad dragon!"

"Ok, ok I get it."

"Now that and you carrying me to find something to get me warmed up is your punishment. Mostly due to the fact you are like a heater and it's humid around you so it feels nice."

"Ok, ok, fair punishment I guess."

I carried River around for awhile going it circles since I had kinda gotten lost. River was getting irritated so he began to give directions till we found the kitchen fifteen minutes later. When opening the fridge I saw a lot of blood and occasionally some fruit and veggies and actual food no soup though. When in the pantry I found....I would rather not describe what I found, but let's just say it wasn't food and all of it had River and I blushing and very awkwardly closing the door. River leaned down by my ear to whisper something to me.

"Why the bloody hell do they have condoms, tampons pleasure devises and even signs saying wear protection there?!"

"I have no idea...we are not letting Kai and Skye see that though."

"Agreed. I can just heat some of the blood up and that should work I think I saw some AB- in there so I am going to get that."

River slid down grabbed a blood packet and stuck it in the microwave for a minute thirty then took it out and bite into the packet and began to suck it dry not leaving any left then tossed it away.

"Well I am good for a bit after that."

"So, do different blood types taste different or something?"

"They do, AB- is my favorite since it was closest to my original blood type without it being the same so it agrees with me more. The taste I can't exactly describe."

River went over to the sink and rinsed his mouth out with water then jumped up onto the counter. It was surprising how few vamps were out in fact none were. I wonder where they were..,

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