Chapter 11 Skye School prov

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(Skye prov) (pic of Ashton)

*I ran away quickly leaving Kai I wanted to explore a bit before the bell rang signaling class. Kai was protective though thankfully gave me my personal space when needed. I walked down the hallways almost getting lost. My contacts shaded my eyes to look like a doe brown instead of violet which would really stand out. People were whispering as I walked by both girls and boys. If it wasn't bad enough I had violet eyes my hair was pure white Kai's hair had gotten darker with age so now it was a externally light shade of blond though not white like mine.*

"Hi there,ya new here?"

*I looked up to see who was talking to me and I saw a small group of guys standing around and the one that spoke to me had red hair that looked like it was flaming.*


*I am so glad pure alpha blood flows through my veins or a majority at least or I wouldn't have responded so confidently...I brought my tong over my teeth with my mouth closed as a reminder I was a vampire.*

"Ya don't smell human,but you don't smell like a vampire nor werewolf either so what are you?"

*Ohh one other thing the school we are attending allows humans that know about the supernatural community as well as the supernatural to co-enside.*

"It's debatable as to what I am. To my knowledge I lean more towards vampire. You my guess would be dragon no?"

"Correct,now what is your name?"

"Yours first."



"Good to meet you Skye."

*Ashton held his hand out to me to shake and I took it. My hand was much smaller compared to his as to everyone else's. Ashton's blood smelled rather...spicy I think I would like a,no get that thought out of your head you aren't hungry!*

"Ya ok?"

"Yeah I am fine."

"You look did eat this morning right?"

*Wait did I eat? I wrestled then I won,I ate but then I...ohh fudge I had to inject my venom and that eradicated my meal...*

"You did eat right?"

"Again debatable."

*I started to suck on my gums as a way to divert my attention to something else.*

"I might have a blood pack if that's what you need?"

"Why would you have a blood pack?"

"Vampires sometimes forget meals and I have a few as friends so I bring them 'snacks' occasionally."

*Ashton handed me something that looked like it was a flame I sniffed it and my fangs retracted out. Well it was safe and smelled...delicious and ..spicy....ohh no please no..stop! Too late my fangs already sank into the blood bag draining it in a second it was sooo good. I wanted needed more! No stop it! You are full leave things be! My fangs retreated by me forcing them too painfully and I regained control.*

"Thank you,was that your blood?"

"Yeah my friends tend to like spicy things and they said my blood smells spicy so I let then have a blood bag every once and awhile."

*I gave a nod.*

"You should be careful about giving our blood to other vampires...I tend to have a problem with draining too much blood that is appetizing and that can go for others as well."

"How old are you exactly?"


"Human or vampire?"

"Fifteen for both."

*Ashton's eyes grew wide at my response.*

"No wonder you were so hungry you still are a fledgling."

*I nodded in response I looked around the hallways at a quick glance then saw Kai's homeroom a well as mine. I opened my phone to message Kai. I sent the message back and forth with him Kai set a message warning me to watch my back meaning the sluts were around him.*

"Who ya texting?"

"My brother."

"Older or younger?"

"The same age."

"Ohh so you have a twin?"


"Ya tellin on me or somethin?"

"Course not,you didn't do anything I was just letting him know I found our homeroom."

"So is your brother a vampire too?"

"Again debatable."

"Why is everything so debatable?"

"We don't exactly have the straightest most clear branches on our tree to our knowledge I lean towards vampire my brother shifter and that is that."

"Sorry,that sounded a bit pushy didn't it?"

"Just a tad.Well I gotta go,nice meeting you."

"Same,see you round."

*Ashton walked off and I ran down at a human speed down the hallways to find Kai. I found him in the corridors after searching for them and the sluts were closing in fast. Kai opened the door for me and I made it out to an easy stop. Kai told the sluts off about him being able to do better than them,yada, yada, yada,long story shirt we made it too homeroom room 801 just as the bell rang signaling tardies and that school had begun. Not like Kai and I don't already know everything we just are killing time and 'make friends' according to dad.*

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