Chapter 5 Feeding

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(Skye prov a pic of her calculating eye)

"You two should get showered up. I suppose I should as well."

*showered what's that?*

'What did he say Skye?'

'Something about getting showered.'

"Showered? "

"Yes you have water fall over you and soap gets rubbed on you as well as shampoo and conditioner in your hair."

*I gave a frown at this. I could see why he would need that his hair was greasy,but our hair is fine and we didn't smell...ok we had a woodsy musk.*

"I can have James and Delilah help you. I won't be of much help at the moment."

'Skye what did he say?'

'I think he said he wants his siblings to give us a bath something about him not being of much use right now.'

'Nobody touches us!'

*Kai began to growl and I looked a him with the corner of my eye he stopped immediately swallowing his growl.Alaxander seemed to be surprised at this. Normally I wouldn't care what Kai did,but this  time my patience was getting worn thin.*

"We figure out alone."

"Ok,if you want to be that way just give a yell and James,or Delilah will go and help you."

*Kai and I wondered around for a few minutes finding a cold room with weird things in it. We closed the barrier as we entered it smelled unusual very clean. This must be a cleaning room. My mouth was feeling very cottony I looked up at Kai meeting his eyes full on. I hated when I got like this,but I couldn't help it I hadn't eaten in days.*

'Kai I need to eat.'

'Ok you are in the clear now.'

*Kai moved his hair from his shoulder and I scanned his flesh I found a vein my eyes flashed crimson I was inches from sinking my fangs into his skin when the barrier suddenly opened. I was in hunting mode and getting interrupted caused me to shift focus onto another meal. It appeared James had entered. He looked shocked stunned even. Kai knew what happened when I was like this and did the only thing he could do. He slashed his wrist quickly and pushed it to my mouth I drank greedily I tired to stop myself it was harder when I drank from the wrist than the neck to stop since I really didn't know why, but it was much harder. I forced myself to stop right before I felt Kai pass out. I licked the slash wound closed and closed my eyes regaining control I looked back up with calm fusia eyes at a wide eyes James. Kai was weak from the blood I had taken so I held his arm over my shoulder and let him rest his weight on me.*

"Very lucky I didn't kill."

*Perhaps the only reason I managed not to kill Kai when I drink his blood is because it tastes vile probably because Kai and I share some of the same blood any other time if I fed from anybody other than Kai they would be drained entirely of blood. Only when I am absolute desperate  do I feed which sadly happens at least five times a week.*

"What..what are you? Ivy wasn't a vampire."

*I drug my toung over my mouth cleaning it from blood.*

"Don't know not vamp or shifter."

*I looked at James with calculating eyes. Kai started too stir getting his blood back after a few seconds he was up completely  not a sign of fatigue or a bite mark.*

'You ok? Sorry I know I took more than usual.'

'Nobody is to blame you had been holding off longer than usual.'

'Well my secrets out now.'

'I can see that sis.'

*Kai turned to face James putting up a blank face he spoke to the best of his abilities.*

"Don't interrupt won't get bite."

"I am going to have to tell Alaxander."

*Kai looked at me for translation.*

'He has to tell Alaxander.'

"Doesn't matter,don't care."

*James gave a short nod then left closing the door behind him.*

'Now how are we sopost to bath?'

*I looked at the object fiddling around with it after a minute or so it turned on sparking water down like a water fall only softer and less loud. I figured the soap out fairly quicker I still didn't know about the shampoo and conditioner so I only used the soap for my hair. I helped Kai seeing as he was a lost cause to this. When we were done we shook our heads sprinkling water everywhere. Beads of water were still on our bodies as we walked out our hair was matted down from the water so we looked like drowned rats. Pack members gave us strange looks as we prodded the thing they were sitting on. Well long story short we ended up falling asleep on it. Well I did Kai couldn't sleep so he kept guard while I slept. It was waaaaaaaaaaay too early to be awake it was still day out for bat guano!*

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