Chapter 27 Kai's Spirit Travel

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(Kai prov)

"Why do I let her out of my sight in the first place?! It is my duty as the older sibling and brother to keep my sister safe and here I am not even able to do that!"

*Ashton put his hand in my shoulder and gave it a squeeze as he zoned out into his own thoughts.*

"Didn't you say she was doing spirit travel or something?"

"Yes, why?"

"Mabye if you can figure out who she was talking to then they might be able to give some clues as to where she is at."

"That's the problem I don't know how to spirit travel!"

*My father had been silent up to this point spoke up.*

"Rider says that if a link was already opened up since you two were in the womb together you can access each others tethers to spirit travel. You need to relax first and go to sleep for it to work however."

"How am I suppose to relax at a time like this and how can you both he so calm?!!!"

"Getting worked up helps nobody and just makes things worse. You need to calm down."

*Ashton pressed his thumb behind my ear and my vision got blurred as my muscles relaxed and my eyes closed. I was surrounded by darkness and a violet trail showed up every so often. I grabbed onto a tether and my body moved forward to the point I was in front of Ash and Snow. I walked more and found another path and came to a scene with red eyes and then a flash of white hair as well as violet eyes then I was jerked to a sunny scene. My body stopped moving and I came to face with a guy around Ashton's age or so. He was pacing back and forth and had the side of his hand in his mouth in a worried look as he bit down drawing blood. His eyes looked up with hope then disappointment that flashed to hatred.*

"Who are you and what did you do with Skye?!"

"Me? I was hoping you would tell me what you did with her!"

"Nothing, she was being held under then next thing I know you show up!"

"I am looking for her and I am her brother."

*The stranger looked at me and have a once over and his face relaxed a bit, but still held worry.*

"So your Kai then?"

" you know where my sister is...?"

"River, and no I don't, I was hopping you did."

"I don't. So this was a useless trip."

"The only knowledge I have would be she was being held under for more than three hours. That is all I have to go on, sorry I couldn't be of more help."

"Did she ever say anything prior to being teen-naped that might be of help?"

"The only thing she said when I first met her, would be about some weird visions when coming her involving foxes and another with red eyes of some sort."

"Red eyes? Vampires generally have such eye color...a few other species also...that is something, thank you."

"If I can help anymore then I will...please find her worst fear is he was captured by a black market ring which would mean he could be anywhere from America to Europe."

"Black market?"

"A ring which captured me some years back. I escaped after day one,  but that was before our weakness was discovered and used to keep us under. Which is why I stay in the down low. I am afraid that us all the information I have I the black market though."

"That is more than enough to go on. Thank you."

*My consciousness was pulled back into my body as u woke up with a sheened layer if cold sweat. My eyes snapped open with little to no restraint.*

"There is a good chance she was captured, by the black market."

"What do you mean black market?"

"Apparently a ring that captures fox shifters or something of rarity."

*Ashton spoke up next.*

"If that is the case, then it will be hard to find her since the black market is constantly moving and only ever goes back to a trading spot after a millennium and only people in the exchange and purchase know about it. Usually only people with an extreme amount of money and or power."

"Do you know of anybody like that?"

"My brother, duhh he is the ruler of problem though, he isn't involved in such matters nor I."

"It is possible to get information though?"

"Unless he has connections with somebody then, no."

"That was a dead end."

"Did you see anything that might be of help while spirit traveling?"

"Nothing, but somebody with red eyes, so it is quiet likely she was bought by a vampire and or is being held by one."

"That narrows it down by a lot, not."

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