Chapter 24 River

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"So, what is your name anyway?"

"I haven't told you?"



"So River how long have you been in the keys?"

"My whole life, it was too cold for me anywhere else, I suppose you could say I am a bit cold blooded."

"That's weak."

"I won't deny it is pretty weak."

"Ever though bout trying to go up north?"

"I tried once. That was a long time ago though. Never even made it off of the keys. Ever thought about heading south?"

"I provably will get a really bad sunburn."

"So, sunburn goes away after a week tops. Hypothermia can kill ya."

"Well cancer from sunburn can kill you."

"I wont lie there, in all and all the body is a very strong enduring yet weak and feeble thing."

"Yes, it is."

"You better get back to your body before the ghosts desire to take over it and you can't get back."

" do I get back?"


*Ughh where has Skye gone?! I have been looking for her in these woods for the past five hours and still no sign of her.I saw a flash of light then Ashton was right in front of me with  a tired look on his face.*

"Whats wrong with you?"

"Your family is whats wrong."


"Your grandmother with her visit in the demon realm left a huge mess for us, the residence to clean up, even the tormented souls were having a fit, and they are tormented!"

"So what did she leave for you to clean up?"

"Trash, destruction, water, tormented souls outside their gates, a hell hound with a bashed up face yet still alive, documents strewn everywhere and forbidden fruit bitten out of and left on the ground!"

"I thought the underworld was already full of destruction, disorder and such."

"Actually no, it isn't it is quiet organized certain areas have flame, documents are neat, hell hounds are stationed avidly with no injuries, and the tormented souls have certain sections depending on the deeds done."

"Is it organized now?"

"Yes, did you know your grandmother also is curios about your love life as well as Skye's and has narrowed Skye's potential mate down to literally two maybe three people!"

"That I did not."

"She came up to me and asked what my preference was and everything. I didn't really care either way though. She was also suppose to go and ask you what your preference as well as Sky's was."

"Soooo....what is your preference?"


"Really? I thought you were straight."

"I mean I have dated both sexes before just to decide where I lay on the path of love and found I swing either way. Why how do you swing?"

"I don't do romance, I am married to my work/brotherly job of preventing any males other than family and you from getting to my sister and breaking her heart. Speaking of which, have you seen my lil' sister?"

"No, why?"

"I have been looking for her for the past five hours is why!"

"Have you looked in all of her hiding spots?"


"What about her new one?"

"Which one?"

"The tree trunk."

"Then, yes."

"Well, she shouldn't be that far."

"That's the problem, she could be that far. She is my sister Ashton, how far do I travel when I want to be alone?"


"My point exactly."

"Well, she doesn't like to be anywhere warm so we can narrow it out."


" know to be honest, I don't really know myself normally I don't spirit travel unless I have to and when I do I can only do it up to about five minutes then I am pulled back."

"No,no,no! I don't do heat! I don't do sun period!!!!!"

"Try thinking of how you got here and retrace your steps back, or rather how did you get back last time?"

"I kinda was pulled back...I still sorta thought about my body though and went back like that."

"Then think!"

"I have been!!"

"Try running back."

"I can't!"

"........somebody must be keeping you under, that is the only other way for you not to be able to get back even as an inexperienced traveler you can still get back after five minutes of being out of your body it is like a fail safe unless somebody is keeping you under then you can't wake up and have your soul snapped back into your body like elastic. Anybody who would want to keep you under?"

"No, nobody I don't even have any enimes I don't talk enough to have any much less friends."

"That's just sad."

"Shush it and help me!"


"Look, Kai I know you don't want to hear this,-"

"Don't even think of finishing that sentence!"

"She has been teen-napped."

"There isn't anybody who would do that though! This is pack territory she isn't stupid to not go without you or me out of here and we have guards stationed all around on patrol."


*This was too easy. A girl laying on the ground asleep was too easy to get. Not to mention the granddaughter and daughter of a fox shifter was priceless! On top of it she was her granddaughter and the last fox shifter I fought, daughter. This was a perfect set up in progress. The last shifter I fought suddenly ran away foaming, probably rabid after spending so much time with those wolves, after all one that is already a shifter of any kind is a beast that's disguised in human clothing so it was only a suiting death that she had dying from injuries barely inflicted upon her and judging by that foam rabies. Yet I missed this child she had. How foolish of me not to go after her and make sure the job was compleatly complete.*

(Well, the past after fifteen years is finally coming into play, comment and like and tell me what you think is going to happen next, there are many more turns and thistles and thorns for you as my feral readers that you will step upon along a path you thought was well known.)

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