Chapter 15 Two Millenia Blast from the Past

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Pic of Lilly


*I laughed at the retreating Skye she was too cute for her own good. A mind link was coming through from the demon relm.*

'Hey umm....I don't mean to bother you,but remember that bat crazy woman we have been having problems with?'

*Apparently a second rate demon was contacting me,not surprising.*

'Yes,what about her?'

'She is sorta...coming up to the human relm,close to where you are at.'

'What?! Can't you stop her?!'

'We tried,but she took down six battalions of our best warriors.'

'....... I see...thank you for that update,I will see what I can do and make sure she doesn't hurt any mortals.'

"So it must have been an important mind link."

"Yes,apparently a woman we have been having  problems with passed through six battalions of Keith's and my best demons and is now heading here."


"What the fuck!"

"Mother of flames Skye found her."

*Kai and I didn't wast  any time in running to go help save Skye. However when we got there the weirdest thing happened Skye was laughing and so was the woman. Kai looked at me and I at him with puzzled looks.*

(Skye prov)

*I shuffled away angry I saw a flash of blinding light then a woman with white hair a blue and green eye that looked about in her mid thirties and had a scar going around her neck other than that she seemed flawless without having signs of aging. I blinked blankly at her since my eyes had adjusted with the flash of light leaving things really bright.*

"Umm,who are you?"

"My names Lilly,Lilly Thorn."

*That last names sounds familiar...*

"What the fuck!"

"Hey keep it down and watch you mouth!"

"Your my grandma!"

"Wait....repeat that."


"Then...Ivy didn't die?!"

*I shook my head sullenly.*

"No,she did."

"Never in a millennia would I have thought I had a grand kid."

*She was laughing a bit and I joined her. Ashton and Kai came round in a protective stance however when they saw us laughing they looked confused.*

"Actually you have two."

*Our grandmother stood looking shocked.*

"Who's your brother?"

"Kai,meet our grandmother Lilly."

*Kai did a I don't believe you lil sis look.*

"This flame crazy women that has been causing havoc in the demon realm is your grandmother?!"


"How do you know she isn't tricking you?"

*Ashton got suspicious and Kai narrowed his eyes towards Lilly. I looked back at Lilly then the boys and rolled my eyes at them.*

"Are you forgetting that I can tell if somebody is lying just by how their blood smells?"

*They were about to speak then closed their mouths contemplating what I had said then gave a sigh of defeat.*

"Yeah that's what I thought."

"Ok,assuming what you say is true,why were you down in my demons relm?"

"That is a bit of a long story for another time. Long story short I was visiting an old friend of mine down there however since he passed away and I didn't know his sons names,they kinda thought I was an intruder or spy trying to take over or something like that. Now that I think about it Ashton sounds like a familiar name... Maybe a son of somebody I knew..."

*Ashton raised his brow quizzically.*

"So far from what you have described it sounds like you knew my father."

"If his name was Lycer then yes I knew him."

"Wait,there is a question I have if you claim to be who you are,why didn't you stay here with our dad?"

"I didn't know your father that well and I had another reason and had to confirm a few things which I unfortunately didn't get the chance to do so before getting chases out of the demon relm."

"Well I better let the demons know that you aren't trying to take over our realm nor the mortal. I do have one question how was it you were able to take out six battalions single handedly?"

"I am a fox shifter duhh. You would think that you would know that since my grand kids are fix shifters or at least have the blood lineage of one."

*Wow grams definitely wasn't shy about being sassy or blunt.*

"You do realize you are talking to a royal line of dragon right?"

"Listen buddy boy I was commanding army's why you were in your mothers wound and or egg depending on how things worked out."

"Really now,how old are you?"

"It's impolite to ask a ladies age,but now I am about two millennia just recently had a my b day ya know."

*My jaw Kai's jaw and Ashton's jaw all hit the floor at once my only hope that I could age just as well a grams did.*

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