Chapter 30 Sheki Experiments

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*Jase lead me out of Sheki's room and  through the house a bit. I had noticed quiet a few vampires were here and all of which were looking at me like a piece of juicy meat. As cliche as that may sound... I couldn't describe it any other way.*

"First off, it is  best if you don't go anywhere without me and or Sheki since she is the head honcho in this place and I would be her second in command."

*I gave a nod looking for possible exits and memorizing features of the house since my nose was still stuffy from the mercury as I was lead around the top and second floor which had a kitchen.*

"Now, when Sheki and I are out Skye, somebody will be here watching you to make sure you don't try anything and or get turned to vampire food. In the meantime, do you want anything to eat? We don't have too much, but pets like you, we have a  bit of some stuff for em and then Sheki makes us all have at lead one piece of fruit a week for whatever reason so there is that."

*I opened the fridge and pulled out a container of  cranberry juice and by general kitchen set up on my first guess found a cup. I poured the oddly thick juice into the cup and began to drink it. Once the juice hit my toung I spit it out. It tasted like blood!*

"Hey don't waste that!"

"Why is there blood in a cranberry container?!"

*I grabbed a glass  of water and began swishing it around trying to get the taste off of my toung.*

"It is less obvious that way,besides were you not the one saying you were a vampire earlier, by which would mean you drink blood."

"I am a vegetarian vampire!"

"Ehh, there is no such thing."

"Yeah, there is. You drink fruit juice with a bit of metal in it and it suffices as blood and or eat bloody meat."

"Never heard of it like that. Besides as a fox shifter same as vampires you have to have blood, due to your lifespan."

"How would you know that?"

"There is a lot I know that a lot of people don't know about. I have been around the block a few times and seen some stuff most people shouldn't see and if they do they get messed up by it. However you, are now my pet."

"Yeah, just because that little fact is in play, doesn't mean you have to like it. Not do I have to act like a pet."

"Well, Sheki wanted to see you and I don't have anything else to share for the moment so it is best not to keep her waiting. She may be well manner, but her patience can wear thin and it isn't pretty. In fact because of that, she has gotten the name the Scarlet Eyes. That and the fact her eyes are always scarlet."

*I gave a nod not in the mood to get anybody angry and wound my way back upstairs and found Sheki in her bedroom with her pet reptile on her shoulder and was feeding him a carrot which he ate with a quick flick of his tiny, thick, split toung.*

"I was wondering when you were going to get here. Go ahead and take a seat."

*I sat down with hesitation in a spinning chair and Sheki sat down in front if me and crossed her right leg over her left.*

"So, tell me, how old are you?"

*Umm...ok then?*


"So, tell me what were you doing at that black market?"

*Should I tell her I was abducted and risk my family or lie and say I was abandoned?*

'Its best not to lie to her. Anybody else yes, but not her.'

'Who said that?'

'None of  your beeswax is who.'

*Sassy little voice if you ask me.*

"Well, what were you doing there?"

*I could hear the annoyance in her voice and decided to take the sassy voices advise.*

"I was abducted."

"Good choice being honest with me. If it eases your consiousness, then I won't be going after your family. However if they come looking for you I can't guarantee  their safety. I would like to do an experiment though."

"I don't have much say in the matter do I?"


*Sheki popped her p at the end.*

"You don't have to worry though, it shouldn't do too much harm. Mabye a little, but not too badly."

*Sheki grabbed a tray and it held some glass vials filled with red. She blindfolded me then proceeded to give me instructions  while my hands remained free as well as feet.*

"As I uncap these vials I just want to gage  your reaction to them."

*I heard the first pop and I scrunched up my nose in disgust at the smell. She proceeded and got much to the same reaction out of  me until the last vile, by which it got my senses buzzing as I had to dig my nails into the chair to prevent myself from lunging and downing the vile.*

"Well, your taste is quiet similar to my own. You have good taste to say the  least. Though very hard to find such a meal might I add."

*The blindfold was removed and next several metals were on a plastic serving tray.*

"Just grab the metals then show me your hands once they get put back."

*I grabbed the first peice, it was copper and it wound  up making my hand tinged  a light green. Everything  else I touched did nothing, I got to the silver and when touched, I heard a small sizzle then it stopped after a second. I revealed my palm which had what appeared to be a sunburn which already was peeling off and left the healthy skin.*

"Well you have some werewolf that much is obviouse. Try the last one."

*The fibers in my being were screaming not to touch it, but I did anyway. I could barley manage the liquid metal in my hand before I dropped it onto the tray again and my hands were scorched almost to the bone. Sheki grabbed something and applied it to my hands which soothed them then wiped it off leaving my skin unmarked.*

"Well, this certainly is interesting, isn't  it Fireheart?"

*The bearded dragon gave a bob of his head and looked me in the eyes with his intelligent golden eyes. I kept his focus then he flicked his tong out at me and looked elsewhere. I noticed Sheki also looking a time with her scarlet eyes and she had a relaxed smile upon her face. She wasn't so bad. She was quiet sane so why and how she was the leader of  this group I would not know.*

"Well, when you get hungry for blood then just come to me cause I am the only one which had what you need. Don't worry about the taste, I have perfected it so it isn't even tasting like blood. More like raw meat."

*Sheki dismissed me with a nod of her head and I left to try as find Jase since I was pretty sure if I didn't  I would be drained dry before the night was up.*

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