Chapter 22 Ashton's Prefrence

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(Ashton prov)

*I honestly can say I have gotten to the point with Kai and Skye's family that confusion  is an everyday occurrence for me and it isn't unusual for me to wind up questioning the sanity of what I have found to be my reality. However there comes a time where family relations have stretched paste their  "normal" boundaries. So I am now here in the underworld watching the souls of the dead that had done crimes unspeakable, burn to their fiery grave then become respond once again. Here I have called the underworld my home. No I have not done some crimes to call the underworld my home I was simply just spawned here my mother I didn't really know,but I do have a few memories of her. My father well he ruled the underworld., but he wasn't evil he was actually quiet fair. Keith was next in line for ruler of the underworld once he  claimed Lilly he would become ruler here. (I just realized I have two Lilly's😑😓) So here I was still looking for my mate she had to be at least eighteen before I found her because that was just the way things worked. Of course I could have subtle clue before then for example if she was sixteen  I would be more protective it was a gaurentied fact that my mate would live at least as long as I have been alive so thus at being in "mythological" standing. I could feel a small tug on my being meaning either Kai or Skye were trying to contact  me. I let the tug pull me back to where...their grandmother was sranding...*

"Can I help you?"

"Yes you can I want to ask you a few questions."

"Ok shoot what are?"

"What do you think of my grand kids?"

*Is this a rhetorical question?*

"I think of them as kin, why?"

"Nothing more?"


"Just curious. Just trying to rule out a few things for future thing, what is your preference?"

"On what?"

"Really, I have been alive for two millennia if you had asked that two millennia ago you would be hung."

"You mean my preference on what gender I find attractive?"

"Exactly that."

"Hmmm....then I guess I would be bie."

(Ha didn't see that one coming did ya?😽)

"That doesn't help me any. In your opinion what do you think Skye and Kai's preference are?"

"Skye is straight as well as Kai in my opinion. Then again they never really told me so I am just taking a guess you better ask them yourself. Why do you ask?"

"I am doing a test of sorts trying to narrow down where their mates are going to be at as well as what gender."

"Why? Also I didn't know you could do that due to only mates knowing their parings and the moon goddess."

"It is possible just very hard. Since in fox shifters it isn't uncommon as well as in a few rare cases of other species for the same gender to have kids."

"I would rather not know how."

"Good cause I wasn't going to tell you. Anyway if I can figure out gender preference then I can narrow down who their mates will be to about two people. Since you can't make up your mind bout your preference you are going down as a possible candidate."

"You really think that the anti social Skye or the "I will kill you if you get near me" Kai are possible by some chance one of them is my mate?"

"Yes. Since they aren't identical they shouldn't share the same mate however since fox shifter twins had only happened one other time and they were identical; fraternal twins is a mystery on how the mate thing will work."

"Who are the other candidates?"

"Well there is one other for Skye and he is somewhere in the tropics because she keeps on spirit traveling to him and talking then Kai....I honestly don't know his mate might not be around yet and he might be waiting awhile since I waited almost two millennia for mine. Then again I wasn't really looking either since the likely hood of finding ones mate for a fox shifter is one in a galaxy and often times we kinda just find a human, mate with them, then call it good cause out mate doesn't come around before we get killed and or they do."

"That is quiet tragic. I have only been around a hundred years or so and didn't actually become available for a mate until about fifty years ago so I can only imagine how it was for you."

"I never found my mate."

*Lilly's eyes became deep black voids of anger.*

"I was tricked into mating with somebody I thought was my mate when in reality wore the face and scent of my mate which he had killed as well as with the help of a witch. I didn't blame the witch since she was only doing her job however the man I mated with I hope was scent to a fiery grave. In fact I know he was because I personally made sure he was sent there when he died. However I don't regret having my daughter despite only actually being with her for a few weeks before....I am still in search of her murdurer However it is, it is like he or she just vanished.... Well that is all I wanted to ask you tell me if you feel different around Kai or Skye anytime and I will do a test to determine, with scary accurate results."

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