Chapter 39 Fear and Sorrow

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(Skye prov)

"What do you mean you don't know?! You have more mental access than I do do so you out of both of us should know why a state of fear was induced!"

"Well I don't, ok, I don't know what to tell you."

Violet turned to me as she began to speak.

"Ok, so what happened because I don't know what happened after Kai and Ember infiltrated to come get us."

"Well the last thing that was happening was we went into this room a mist settled over us and that was it as we came here."

"What did the mist look like?"

"Clear normal water type of mist."

"It didn't have a certain smell?"

"Not...really...I mean it smelled sweet otherwise no."

"Did you go into the room willingly?"


"Ughhh this isn't helping any! Not to mention this mentality trying to keep you connected and open for speech is quiet draining. I have absolutely no idea what is going on....I am afraid this connection is slipping so shortly you will be lost to your subconscious without me there to speak and keep you from feeling your mentality..."

Just as Violet had said that I was suddenly jolted somewhere cold and dark it was like my mental mind, but it was all black and distorted. As I breathed my breath came out in puffs of warm air meeting cold. I heard some screams and turned my head to try and find the direction it came from, but I couldn't find the owner of the scream I began to walk around and the screams and cries of pain got louder and louder the more I wondered the cry came from somewhere, but nowhere at the same time. I came upon a part of my mind that was far different from everything else. Snow was falling down and it had more color even though it was mostly white other colors  were present. I saw a pale form lying on the ground blood was oozing out from wounds. She held a glazed look in her eyes as she laid there limp. I started to get shaky and I grabbed my hands to try and stop them from shaking however it didn't help any. I walked up closer to the seemingly dead form of a quiet young and beautiful girl, no woman. Her hair was incredibly white blending in with the snow, her eyes were mismatched with a beautiful blue that looked so soft, yet it was intense confusing ones mind and her green eye was like a faded lime green, more or less a forest green. She bore something of similarity to that of my father, she bore a flame type pattern where a mates mark was and her upper arm held a wolf or perhaps fox's head. She suddenly began to move and her became heavy and labored. Tears streamed down her dazed face and her face contorted as a almost silent baby's wail broke the silent air. The woman gasped a little then went limp a bit to catch her breath. She suddenly began to heave again as no sound broke the air this time round. I saw a tail of sorts curl around the small babies that lay on the snow then pull them to her as they now lay on her arms and she cooed to them with a small smile that held a bit of vacancy in her eyes as in a daze. I walked over closer to the forms seeing full heads of hair for the babies and tiny little fox ears twitched on each babies head a unnatural purple and a glowing red. Tiny tittle tails that had baby fluff curled around her much larger and more fluffy tail. Some wolves came over to her and her eyes went vacant as each eye held a glowing blue and couple shades lighter than a vampire red. Something was said the babies were taken by the wolves one began to scream while the other was silent and eyes opened, violet eyes. The woman I now realized was my mother looked crushed and devastated at what was transpiring  before her. She began to breath heavily then what speared to be a dark ebony smoke emerged with the red shaded eyes then a snow colored form came with ice blue eyes as they took shape of a coyote sized fox. They touched nosed with my mother then left. Tears were streaming down my face and a cold feeling came through my whole body my breath now not showing meaning it was the same tempteture as the cold air around me. My mother got up shakily and weak. The after birth left behind and dug into a hole to be obsoleted by the earth. She left a bloody trail where she went. She final stumbled and came across my much healthier looking father that still held the light of happiness in his eyes, they were clouded by sorrow however. I couldn't hear what was said, but by the look and what had just happened my mother had just died. I crumpled to the ground grief struck seeing exactly the moment of my mothers death. It was worse that I could have imagined. Everything went dark around me then a cold warmth surrounded my body in a indigo light. Pain shot through my body suddenly.

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