Chapter 26 Drugged and Unbalanced

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*My why in the world would somebody want to even do human trafficking, like seriously it is against the law...cross that I know why this serum is messing with my mental health and I can't process thoughts clearly, obviously. My eyes looked around the blurred  room. Shapes were bunched together and the noise was a dull lulling roar  almost like a double red flag at a beach. I focused on my sight for the time being since it seemed like the guy was just describing me for the time being.  My eyes scanned the room. It seemed this black market was at least decent enough to put age restrictions up fortunately  For me meaning apparently  nobody that looked older than eighteen twenty then stopped at thirty so it wasn't like I was being auctioned off indecently...I was still being auctioned off which wasn't acceptable either way. I let my vision go and zoned in into the conversation taking place.*

" that we have gotten the basics under wraps I believe I should remind you how rare fox shifters are. Originally thought to have been extinct except for a certain bloodline which was so strong and pure it carried through to this day and age. Fortunately  for you, this is a young fox shifter only fifteen years of age."

*The crowd started to murmur among themselves and the auctioneer held his hand up for silence which quickly came.*

"Now obviously she is even more rare since it is common for fox shifters to have blue and green eyes or for this generations line multicolored and she has violet eyes and pure white hair she is just that more rare and I no species do they have such eye color. So on that note to review a fifteen year old trainable violet eyed albino in skin color,but not eye female, shall be starting bids at five billion."

*Several pallid numbers went up. I zoned out for a bit and heard the price go up to one billion and the bidding was now between a man in his thirties and another in his mid twenties.  The serum was wearing off and I started to struggle against the chains despite the burning. The chains groaned against my assault and my skin sizzled and blistered. I was blindfolded once again then more serum was injected into my system making me go loopy further so things weren't even comprehend able. I could feel my body getting pulled and shoved gently into something. A gentle caress almost, I think. The serum after five minutes gave me my comprehension back, but not my balance.*

"Here is your bidding market price bought for five billion. I sincerely hope you enjoy your winning."

"I will, I will wait for her to get some comprehension back at at least settle into her new home."

"My advise start her training as soon as possible for best results and keep her under minority drugged."

"I will heed you advice."

*I could feel my body getting lead to something then I was gently pushed down into something and a door was closed as I sat on plastic. I laid down since I couldn't do anything and closed my eyes and sleep took me since the drugs in my system were making me more than a little tired. My hair splayed around me as my breathing fell into a calm rhythm with the movement of I believe a car...wait...a car?!  My heart rate picked up. I hated cares or anything made out if metal that moved it stressed me out. The plastic flooring was picked up and set into something that didn't have the car vibrations and the noise was drowned out with some water sounds and cotton beneath me. My heart rate slowed and my body and fears relaxed as nothing else came to comprehension after that I don't know what happened. When my consciousness came back, I was in a cage, I could tell since light was shinning in past the blanket covering the cage I was in. I am sure this was a big plastic cage made for dogs...shouldn't I be able to open and or break through if this is plastic? I touched the metal and yanked my hand back, it was mercury. Pure mercury. I punched the plastic and it just bounced back and injured my hand in the process. I scratched against the cage leaving minimal damage the cage, I was in. The cage was then jerked up and the latch opened with blue gloved hands. I came tumbling out when the light met my eyes I immediately went blind from it since the light hurt my eyes and skin more than it should, even vampires had a better chance of not getting blinded than I did.*

"Well, I suppose I will aquatint  you with this household."

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