Chapter 52 Tick Toc Tick Toc

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(Sheki pov)

I paced back and forth, thinking in deep thought. Why was I so concerned? It wasn't my business getting involved in this, was it?  They claim I knew him...I feel like I do, but I have no memories of such so how could I trust those words? I sat down sitting staring at my draco his golden eyes intelligent staring back at me.

"What do you think?"

He shifted looking away from me out the window then back with a smug look gleaming in his eyes.

"You are way too smart for a lizard..."

I swear my draco  wasn't a normal lizard, but as the subtle body language was said I need to go help,else those two will probably wind up dead...but again how in batguanno do I know them? Why can't I remember? I want to remember, I honestly do, but it feels like something is holding me back...

(Skye pov)

I walk through my mind seemingly endless things were slowly coming back together I just had to figure out how to wake up. Although I do want to make the most of it while I am here. I thought of where my father was and spirited to him and saw him bound and gagged. I walked forward trying to reach out and touch him, but my hand went through him. I knelt down in front of him anyways and held my arms over him for a minute in a hug without touching.

"We are on our way dad, just hang in there." I though of my body as I was then zapped back into it. I opened my eyes seeing the room around me it was nice and dark the shades were pulled closed and the blankets tucked around me. I tried to sit up, but my body wouldn't work properly for me. My body felt like lead.  I focused on getting up, but it was exhosting to do so. I tried to shift, but I could't do that either. I smelled some blood and felt something sticky on the back of my neck. I pieced it together easily enough. "Bloody effy that's just great!"

(River pov)

I looked up at Ashton in inquiry as to see what he would say should be done. He knew how to react to everybody opposed to me who was still trying to figure everybody out aside from Lillie by which I had some serious matters to discuss with her. I lightly tapped Ashton to let me out of his hold as the cold air hit my skin I wanted to jump back to his heat. I was a shivering Floridian keys fox this cold is NOT for my poor short hair! I found Lilly right away as I stood in front of her my arms crossed as I jumped up and down trying to keep warm.

"Hey runt, why did you come over her for? Your going to freeze your pixy ass off."

"ohh,h..h.h..h.h.ush i.i..i.i.i.t! I w..w..wanted you if t...t..t..this h.h..h..h..has w..w..w..with w..w..w..why l..l..ll.left."

"*sigh* yes, and no before you ask me if a poor attempt, this is deeper than the reason I left you for its part of it, but not the full reason, its..complicated."

"G..g..grrr o..o..o.owe a .e..e..ex.p..p..plnation!"

"You will get one, just...not for awhile I feel..."

"h.h..honestly, y..y..your t.t..t.he m..m..most, f..f..f..eamale e..e..ever!"

"Well good thing you don't like females then right River?" The woman I looked up to like a mother winked at me as she gave me a sad smile then teleported away,but not before shouting something."

"It's time I clean up the mess that was made so many years ago. See ya round runt. Better get back into Ashton's arms before you bubble butted runt become a runt sickle."

I wanted to shout after her, but I knew it was futile to do so. I felt warm arms encircle behind me as I looked up at Ashton who pulled me back into his arms.

"Did you find out what you wanted to?"

"No, and she has gone off AGAIN on her own. Last time that happened I was left alone in Antarctica waiting melting icecaps knows how long for her to come back as I got sever frostbite, Now she is leaving on a suicide mission not waiting for anybody to at least try and talk her out of it,but nooo she just has to go by herself to finish that. Honestly she makes this harder than it needs to be. Ohh yeah, fun fact numero uno fox shifters are terrible parents to their own kids but supurb to their grand-kids. If of course you haven't already figured that out by her off handish ways of dealing with things. Sure I am not related to her by blood or anything, I come from the other lineage much less known since I am the last from it and in equation I would be her equal since my parents were the originals just as hers were. Just so happens I was born 999,900 years later than she was or something along those lines. Ughh, come on we need to go now we still have  a chance of getting there, ughh I really hate shifting to my fox form Spring is mad at me for some reason and I cant reason with him." I took a deep breath as I let my form shift painfully since I rarely ever shifted and I came out in my fox form my blueish fur glistening on the snow as my paws stayed atop the snow not making a imprint the fur around my chest up to around my face and a bit around my muzzle was super thick whilst around my stomach down was extremely short and around my feet and tail was long  giving my fox form a rather weird appearance by no means was my fox form large on the contrary it was small around Skye's foxes height if not shorter even.

"Kai, get everybody you can. We need to head out now your grandmother is on a suicide mission. Catch up when you can."

I took off running after that seeing Ashton running beside me so I sped up faster now what I didnt have in size I made up for in speed my body made perfectly for that my legs extend out for my body my legs were super long so sprinting like a greyhound was easy to do and maintain no snow kicked up as I took off faster my ocean scent was out of place in these woods despite not smelling it I knew that's what I smelled like as it was permanently ingrained into my fur.  I finally saw the building up ahead. I rushed in at that and what I saw inside shocked me.

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