Chapter44 Past Reflection

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(Sheki prov)

"What is guano's name are you going on about?"

"Tell me, what is your first memory?"

"...a wooden grave, I clawed my way out with blood around my groin and body from most likely wounds that killed me perhaps, I further moved the undisturbed ground on my way up and found the soil fairly freshly dug. I woke up by a frozen waterfall of sorts, quiet a pretty sight might I add. I smelled something I don't remember what and I just felt I needed to leave as soon as possible, of course I filled in everything so as to not cause somebody a heart attack. Why do you ask? That was fifteen years ago."

I saw Alexander get a horrified look on his face of anguish.

"I..I burried my...mate alive..."

"Alexander, relax you didn't burry her alive, it is complicated..."

"Well make it un-complicated! I have spent fifteen years thinking my mate was dead come to find out she woke up with no memories again! Also, is now a vampire!"

I could see tears swelling in his eyes an a look of on the verge insanity. This was obviously too much for him to handle.

"Take a seat before you pass out and grab some water, calm down so this can get sorted out."

I walked over to a small water dispenser and poured a glass and handed it to him facing Lilly again.

"Ok, so explain some relations to me then."

"Hold the Guanno!"

I turned facing Kai and Skye as they spoke in unison.

"Why are you using my saying?"

"Just Ughh!!"

"Kai, Skye, let your millennium old grams explain this before you interrupt me please!"

"As I was answering your question. Ivy, I am your mother, Alexander is not a second chance mate rather your first, these two are your kids."

"I am called Sheki now."

"Would you just stick with a name! First it is Minuse Sorra fur, then Ivy, now Sheki! Make up your mind!"

The glass cup had shattered and tears were streaming down Alexander's face.

"Ok, so I don't wind up giving you a heart attack call me whatever you prefer."

I turned my gaze back to Lilly.

"Explain please."

"I am not certain, but the only reason why you are still alive would be because of that little she demon in you. No good mixing vampires and fox together, very bad combo. You were a fox shifter at one time, long story short you wound up going into labor early and sacrificed yourself for Ash, Snow, Kai, and Skye to save them. You died that winter day, however that demon wasn't killed and in a last ditch effort shifted you being in technicality your sire changing you to a vampire erasing your memories. I would have to ask those two if they did indeed kill of that demon, if not, then you must have been put into some stress using vampire blood since that freezes once a body dies and used that to change you. Again in order to start figure that out I need to find those two raga bonds to do that."

"One question. Are they about coyote sized, one white with intense blue eyes the other black with slightly lighter red than mine?"

" you remember them?"

"Ohh no, but they live around here my clan tends to try and catch them, they always give them the slip though and have gained the nickname the ghost twins. They usual watch from afar, but have come inside once or twice. I didn't even realize they could talk."

"Ohh, they can, Ash was my fox till I transferred her to you to keep her alive and Snow was your original fox as well, if they are around here they should come if we call them. In technicality they still have a slender silver strand attached to you and Ash to myself since we aren't dead even if you did come back a vamp. Just call out to them and they should come."

"Hey, Ash,Snow, come on out Lilly and I have some questions for you."

I waited a couple minutes and nothing.

"Perhaps they don't have a silver string as you say they do."

No sooner did I say that did they come out giving a skeptical look.

"So, do you remember us?"

"I don't, but I have been informed you were my fox spirits."

"Yes, we were..."

"Ok, you two raga bonds, did you or didn't you eat that she demon?"

"...we were too weak and couldn't...Ivy never had enough blood to keep it clean so we had to continually filter it out and never had that energy to eliminate it...if not for us she wouldn't have died..."

"What do you mean I wouldn't have died?"

(Ash/Snow prov 15 years ago on that fateful day)

I focused my energy on protecting the babies leaving that demon unguarded was a huge risk, however it needed to be done to make sure the unknowingly pregnate Ivy had us to protect her stomach. These babies were barely five months to term. Ash was more or less speaking with Ivy, I could barely keep my voice above a whisper as I said protect stomach ignor a death blow, it is a trap. Ash heard me, Ivy did not she was too mad to listen and I was too focused on trying to age the babies to a decent age to have energy to speak. They were now to six months as they could survive outside the womb if nessassary. I felt sharp pains and realized we had been stabbed and that shock had sent Ivy into labor she was blacking out so Ash took over. That she demon was now somewhere else when I looked back at her mental cage, I couldn't focus on that now since Ivy was giving birth.

Snow focused on the kids while I spoke to the wolf pack we had grown up with.

'Ivy is dying, I want you to take care of her kids. Alexander will be too heart broken to pay much mind so till they are five I want you to take care of them. I let Ivy have her mind back as she said her goodbyes to her kids. I made my way back up into the mind, I felt Ivy pushing us out forcing us out so she wouldn't kill us. To the end she was a true alpha. Snow and I nuzzled her then broke off as a few minutes later she stood up and stumbled to find Alexander blood dripping down her leg blending from afterbirth and actual blood. Still no scent despite all that blood, one person was never shoved out, that she demon. We watch as Ivy fell down into Alexaders arms and died in them. We were there for the funeral as she was burried in her favorite spot. We watched the grave then suddenly...she sprung out eyes bold red redder than mine, that she demon shifted her! Her inner demon scared her into thinking she was in some kind of danger when a pack patrol came by then she fled her wounds healed and dry blood caked her skin. We followed her her whole life as she made a clan and tried to keep her out of trouble the best we could from afar. Then we met again and brings us to now after a few other things happened."

Ivy seemed to be in deep thought as her eyes flashed a intense red and then a slight glimmer or blue and green was seen before returning completely to red again....something was still part of her her memories most likely suppressed by that demon so she can't have control and gain her memories this kicking her out.

"I more ...or less know of what you were speaking of, faces were blurry, but I remember feeling immense love and sorrow up to the point of my death as you put it."

"...ahh, so I was right then, that she demon is your sire."

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