Chapter 18 Spirit Travel

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-guy from the tropics(any name suggestions then comment below and let me know plz)-
(Skye prov)

*I felt really groggy like I had been asleep for awhile. I tried to move my hands and my body for that matter,but couldn't I could hear voices around the room and it took me a bit to figure out what was being said, but it didn't take long.*

"You do realize that feeding her your blood Kai can be deadly to her health in fact any family relations can kill her which would explain why she was so lethargic and had lost all desire for blood."

"I...I didn't know, if I had then I wouldn't have been giving her my blood..."

"Yes, and this info you wouldn't have known anyway due to the fact there are literally tops six or five shifters that are still alive and only one which still has his fox, the others lost their foxes awhile back and wound up going loco so since the last time I spoke to them while they were still sane to now only one that still has his fox as you and Skye are up in the air about having a fox."

*Weird Gran gran doesn't have a fox, then wouldn't she no longer be considered a fox shifter? I moved my toung around now that my body was getting more movement and it hit something round and sweet I started to suck on it and energy started to come back into my body and my eyes opened.  I looked around the room, but it was weird when I got up I could see myself laying down with an even breathing and nobody was coming up to me they continued on talking I went up to Ashton and moved my hand in front of his face nothing. I looked back at myself and saw a black swirl and aurora around my body, and Kai's was a fire type of orange aurora Ashton's was a deep red and blue Grams was a calm blue and dads was a forest green with black swirls. I walked out of the room and went downstairs and somehow came out to a forest full of snow I could hear my steady heart beat however as I walked farther into the forest I came across some blood red eyes and icy blue ones the scene changed quickly as I walked I was now zapped to a bloodied scene hungry savage eyes were staring into my neutral violet ones I saw fangs dripping with blood as I made a step forward the scene rushed past me bringing me to a hot tropical climate the humidity wasn't something I was use too, but surprisingly I found it quiet enjoyable this time when I took a step forward the scene stayed the was it was I walked farther through the tropical claimant  and I found a guy around Ashton's age about sixteen or seventeen his hair was an ebony black and his skin was extremely tanned then his eyes were a green he turned around suddenly and faced me. He had a quizzical look on his face then he started to have a muffle laugh from him trying to prevent his laughter.*

"I know you are there and can see me fellow fox. So why did you come to me? Was it by accident or purposely?"

*I tried to speak, but nothing came out.*

"Hmmm by accident then, well it certainly isn't everyday you have a fox shifter still intact. Well if you manage to come back here then try coming back on purpose then you can speak to me."

*I took a step forward then I suddenly shot up gasping for breath and almost started to choke on the sweet thing in my mouth.*

"Hey take it easy, you are fine."

*I looked around realizing I was back in bed and I was breathing heavily. I was face to face with Grans and she had a knowing look in her eye.*

"Well to answer your prior question about that sudden jolt you felt Kai that would be Skye spirit traveling something you can do as well as anybody with at least fifty percent fox shifter blood. Now Skye what did you see?"

"It was confusing at first it was a forest full of snow then I saw blue and red eyes then it changed to a bloodied scene nothing really fully in focus until it changed to a tropical scene I could feel the humidity in the air and it felt nice I walked around and came across a black haired boy with green eyes he was really tanned and looked about as old as Ashton was he turned around with a quizzical look on his face and asked if I had accidentally found him or purposely when I didn't respond he said it was accidental then told me to purposely return then I could talk to him."

"Well then you found an intact fox shifter that still had their fox. He was probably older than he appears though after all you and Kai don't look all that old for fifteen well Kai had a bit older look since he is a guy."

"I certainly hope that was a good sentence."

"It was Kai,it was, it means your probably going to look an awful lot like your father, but not an exact look alike."

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