Chapter 49 Pissed Off Former Fox

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((Skye prov)

I raced through to look for Sheki, my mom, but didn't find her. Or any of the vampires really aside from Blaze whom I spoke with moments ago. A loud boom was heard shaking the  house and causing me to hit the floor, hard . I moved slowly my cognitive skills being lacking the world was a loud static I could hear a muffled shout of my name, but couldn't distinguish it I felt my body being lifted up and I thrashed around the best I could to get out, but couldn't. It felt like electricity was running through my body as I was set down and the figure ran off shouting something to me that I didn't catch as I was losing conscious. I tried to fight it I  had  to relay the information I knew! Sadly I couldn't hold on any longer and slipped into darkness.

(Kai prov)

"What do you mean you can't read it?"

"Exactly that, I can't  read it. It's just pictures with no meaning! Before you say anything I can read the hieroglyphs,but this is like somebody else's language."

Suddenly the earth shook, or at least the house knocking me off my feet and grams into me as I cushioned her head. Mine wasn't as lucky as it hit thankfully, but still painfully the carpet.

"Oii! Who thought shaking the house was a good idea?!"

"Who knows, lets go see what caused it though grams."

Grams and I wove our way out of the house and down seeing well, my mom standing with her clan, I suppose surrounded by what appeared to be other vampires.

"Alright, what do you want with my clan? It better be good since I have shit to deal with and I don't need your ugly mugs around here."

"Hey now don't be that way Sheki you know ya love us." 

I watched my mom roll her eyes.

"Sure like  a human likes stepping in dog shit, which you are. Now hurry it up I don't have all day." 

Yeah, she definitely seemed quiet pissy

"Now now, don't get your undies in a bunch."

"Like I need them. Now hurry the bloody guanno up your trying my patience."

"Alright, well, our boss said that you can either come easy with us or you can follow the hard way."

"Why in guanno would I go with you?"

"Because he holds something of value to you."

"Ohh? Now I am intrigued, what per say would my ice cold heart find value in?"

"He said you would say that, "you once loved somebody. However circumstances took that away from you," is what he told us to tell you."

"Ahh, and whom is this person who once undoubtedly long ago melted my ice cold heart?"

"Boss said to say the guys name was Alexander."

I let out a growl at hearing that they had my father held captive and made a move farward,but grams held my back and held a finger up to her lips and pointed forward as I followed her finger as I looked and watched my mom wavered for a moment of her stoic expression, but it quickly returned to ice cold almost so fast it could have been missed if you blinked

"Ohh, that so? That was a past I don't remember. So in turn you hold no sway."

Something was dropped down by moms feet as she picked something up it seemed something snapped inside of her, her eyes turned to a blue and green different in each eye as she lunged forwards, but stopped short her eyes reverting back to a glowing red as a growl broke out, deep guttural and feral like a wolf, but held a stone cold killers look a vampire held.


"How dare we what? Didn't you just say you didn't care?"

"Emotions are fickle things, funny really, would you not agree?"

Slowly my mom walked forward those messengers were now her prey her eyes were red, but the glow was blue and green as it reflected away. She wrapped her small hand around the mans throat pinning him to the ground as the small group surrounding him moved forward, but a feral growl was let out and her grip tightened.

"Tell him I will come and he better bring Alexander or there will be nothing, but corpses and a mountain of ash."

Her grip loosened and the lacky chocked out a few final words before retreating

"Bring *cough* *cough* only your family *cough* *cough* *cough*"

His back was the last thing we saw before all hell broke loose the snow swirled around my moms feet and when she turned around her look was beyond lived as her eyes shifted back between deeper than blood red and blue and green glow as she tore down several trees narrowly missing grams and I until her eyes settled back upon a darker than blood red and her appearance was calm and calculating. Of course Ashton and River show up after all that went down very confused and with River bundled up with all the coats and blankets possible AND a dragon holding him under his thin jacket that picture should be reversed as Ashton is a reptile and River isn't. But life will be life now to figure out how to get my father back and figure out the hell Skye went.

(sorry it has been so long, I apologize, school has been a bitch and my grades...I wont go there I am not failing and I have a and b I think a couple c not what I want to start high school off with so I had to focus on my grades, but I have been really stressed and my classmates being loud has caused sooo much anxiety for me I am way too jumpy that if even a sneeze is above a certain pitch and I am deep in thought or just in general I am in fight or flight mode ready to punch and run....i thing I have a sound issue....anywho hope you enjoyed this I plan on making this at least 50 chapters if not more, I do have another book coming out for this series and possibly a fourth so long as I can find the time with my other book that i need to finish as its been over a year in the making and I need to wrap it up soon... anyway love you to bits my feral readers I appreciate you putting up with my now late updates enjoy!)

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